ySense Best PTC Site Review -How I Made $15000+ | Get Paid To Click Ads

Are you looking for the best PTC (paid to click) site? which pays you decent amount of money of your hard work. therefore, here is a site called ysense which has been almost serving since 2007.

In this platform, you will get paid to click ads, by completing surveys, completing offers and tasks or through the affiliate programs.

Do you know I have earned $15000+  using Ysense and also an Indian blogger Pritam nagrale Earned approx 1 crore from it!

I will attach the payment proof screenshots at the last.

Note: Clixsense has Changed his name from clixsense to Ysense 

What Is ySense (Clixsense):

It is an advertising company which provides their publishers highest-paid surveys, offers, and task.

earlier the name of ySense was “Clixsense” after 1 aug, 2019 it becomes ySense. ySense is an online G-T-P (get to paid) network which pays their users high amount for completion of surveys, Task, Offers, Affiliates, and more. This network was launched in 2007 as a PTC Site. Yet ySense has paid up to $40 Billions to it’s members in the journey of 12 years. 

How Much Money I Can Earn From ySense:

As you know that this is not an overnight bilinear technique. if i earned from this platform then there should be hard work behind that.

But don’t Worry gradually you will be gifted with millions. at the initial stage, you  earning might be up to 5-20 $ per day without any single rupee investment. as soon as your account becomes old then you will be awarded high-paid tasks and offers then you might earn up to 30-50$ per day. There are many members available in ySense who are earning  100$ – 200$ per day. As i told you the name of guy Pritam Nagrale (owner of Money Connexion) Earned 1 crore yearly income from this platform. pritam-income-proof 

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How to Join ySense Platform:

Registration of ySense account is quite easy and you will have not to submit any application just follow these steps and grab your account. 

Step 1: Click Here ySense  Joining Link 

Step 2: After that enter your email and password  and click on Join Button

Step 3: After submitting the signup form you will have to confirm your email in order to activate your account

ySense registration

Step 4: Next, you will have to complete your profile details. Click on the down arrow as i highlighted in image then click ‘Profile & Settings‘.

then enter all required information and save you settings 

Hurrah! You have completed Your Account 

Join Ysense Here

Ways Of Making Money From ySense:

There are actually five ways via you can generate your income

  1. Surveys
  2. Offers
  3. Tasks
  4. Affiliates
Methods Of Earning From Ysense

 Here in the above image, you can see different methods of money-making using ysense.

(1) Earn Money By Completing Surveys (clixsense survey):

The surveys is the technique where you gather the views and information from users for the purpose of generalizing results and decisions making purposes.

That means you will get paid every time you complete the survey, every time you will be redirected to various products and services page, after completion, you will get paid.

also you will be awarded up to (0.15$ to 0.97$) of every survey completion. rates could vary according to your geographic location (country). 

ysense survey

How To Start  Survey And Make Money?

Step 1: Login Your ysense account and click on the Surveys tab at the top  left navigation  

survey locate ysense

Step 2: After entering in surveys section  Now you will be able to see some surveys.

Keep in mind before starting online surveys, you must have complete your profile first.

Note: If you are not able to see surveys then don’t worry! it because you have just created your account after a few minutes you will able to see surveys

Step-3 You can click on any  “Surveys Profile”  as shown in the above image.

survey locat

Step 4: Now click on the prize tag blue button, here you will find the time duration and prize of the survey (click on it).

Step 5: After starting the survey you could be redirected to another page.  after the completion of the survey, the fixed amount will be added to your account. Sometimes it may take time.

Note: The surveys which i highlighted with red flag may take up to 30 days to get credited to your account so don’t worry.

(2) Earn Money By Completing Offers:

It is another method of earning which will be provided by the ysense platform. it is a bit similar to surveys.

in Offers you will have to do complete long surveys or will be asked for installing apps, Download apps, play online games, or life streaming watch.

After the completion of offers, you will be paid up to 20-100 cents approx $1. it also can vary according to country vice.

How To Start Offers?

Step 1: Just log in to your account and At the left top corner you will find the “Offers” tab, as shown in the below image.

ysense offers

Step 2: Next, click on any of the options to view the available offers page and complete offers as per instructions.

(3) Earn Money By Completing ySense Tasks:

After the surveys and offers here is the third and most effective method of the ySense platform is completing the task. it is determined as the best way of earning stable money

because offers usually provide more effective rates then the remaining two methods. that is why this is my personal favorite method  

In tasks, you need to work on completing small activities like verification of documents, logins & signup, estimating the correctness of the information, etc.

earlier you might be face some difficulties in completing offers and some error might occur in beginning but as soon as you complete  5-6 task then you will become expert in tasks
This is the one method which offers high rates because it is little but difficult and time consuming.

How Much Revenue Can I Ganerate From ySense Tasks?

Earning from tasks is depends upon how much time are you sacrificing on ySense And what’s the prize of that task which you gonna complete.

You can earn up to $5 to $10 every hour. and the best thing of ySense is You will be paid $5 extra every time $50 from ySense tasks.

ySense also announces weekly base contest where they will distribute 100$ among the top 10 winners members who have completed the more number of tasks in the last 7 days.

See the prize table distribution

4 & 5$5 Each
6 – 102$ Each

How To Make Money From Tasks:

Step 1: Just, move your cursor at the top left corner you will find an option “Tasks” menu, click on that and you will be redirected to the tasks page.

Now the task will appear on your screen and you could be able to see tasks, level, and rate of task, number of tasks, and user ratings.

tasks ysense

Step 2: Now click on the task which you want to complete. after clicking your page will redirect you to the Appen page.

On that page, you will find some instructions regarding the tasks and completion process,

Note: Read the instructions carefully First then start making money

Earn Money By Using Ysense Affiliate:

You can also earn a massive amount of money from the ySense affiliate program it is the main source of income in ySesne. Whenever you refer someone or someone register his account via your referral link then you will be awarded $2 as soon as he earns $5  

affiliate ysense

You will also get a signup recurring commission up to ($0.10 – $0.30) if they are from Tier one countries.

Note:  India, Pakistan, etc are not in Tier 1 countries list. Tier 1 countries are the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.

How Much I Earn From ySense Affiliate Program:

You can earn as much money as you want. i attached me and some other influencers’ payment proof at the last as well.
ySense affiliate program offers 2 types of commissions

  1. Signup Commission
  2. Affiliate Commission
  • Signup commission:

Any user who signed up from your provided affiliate link, then you will earn up to  $0.1 to $0.3 depending on tier vise country.

Once your referrals earn  $5.00 Then you will be awarded an extra $2.00* bonus!

  • Activity Commission:

On approval of Survey, Offer Or Task your referrals complete you earn a whopping 20%* commission of that they earn.

let’s take the example in order to understand activity commission

Let’s suppose you referred 20 peoples and their total income is equal to $500 in one month. Then you will be awarded $100 monthly from the ySense Affiliate Program, oh It’s Sounds great

ySense Payment Proofs:


This is the payment Proof Of pritam Nagrale Owner of (money Connection) he has been working ySense for  (2012) and he earned upto 1 crore of indian rupess.

Another payment proof of moneywika.com

moneywika payment proof

You can also read trust Review at Ysense Forum.

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Start Earning Money From Here

How To Take With Draw From ySense:

There are many withdrawal option provided by ySesne

like; If you have a PayPal account or Payoneer account, then you have permission to withdrawal your funds by using these methods

Other then international payment methods are Skrill. You can also withdraw Your funds via skrill this method effective in pakistan.

it also offers reward link and stream if you are from india.

ysense payment method


Hope you loved this ySense review as I earned decent amount of money as you can also earn.

Please feel free to ask any question regarding to this review platform and leave a comment below if you face any difficulty you feedback is valuable for us thanks

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