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What Is Technology, It’s Benefits & Top 5 Upcoming Technologies 

Hey, today we discuss new and interesting topics about the technology and upcoming technology in 2020 so we hope you will all enjoy reading it. in this topic, we will discuss different topics about technology like the benefits of technology and Top upcoming technology.

What Do We Mean By Technology:

upcoming technologies
                                                                         Technology is also a known set of knowledge, skills, and techniques, transform and use our environment in order to create machines, tools, products, and services that meet our needs. technology word is taken from Etymologically the word taken from the Greek techne that means (technical, art, skill). The starting of the technology dates back to the Stone Age when our ancestors pioneered the existence in nature of a series of stones (silex, quartz, obsidian) extremely hard which could mold and sharpen it.
All objects around us in our daily lives are the products of different technological advances.we have transformed natural resources to make tools and machines that make our lives easier, and comfortable our curiosity and desire to excel. Computers, tablets-mobile and mobile phones, locomotives, driverless cars and airplanes, the bulb and the microchip, the first man on the Moon, and the conquering of the space are milestones of our latest technology.

Advantages Of Technology For Youth in 2020:

1-Improves Knowledge Retention:

                                                                                  Students who are interested in things they are studying are expected to have better knowledge retention. This is the most beneficial advancement of technology that students and learners can learn anything by using technology without going anywhere from his/her laptops, mobile phone, using the internet (a major source of learning) 
Different forms of technology can be used to experiment with and decide what works best for students in terms of retaining their knowledge.

2-Encourages Individual Learning:

Encourages individual learning
                                                            the second advantage of technology is to encourage individual learnings. No one learns in the same way because there are different learning styles and different abilities to catch knowledge. Technology provides very good platforms for making learning more effective and easy for everyone with styles of different needs. For example, students can learn at their own speed, so by using technology they can adjust their speed by a single click
What is more, technology can provide us with more opportunities for struggling students. Access to the Internet gives students access to a broad range of knowledge and materials, resources to conduct research in different ways, 

3-Innovation In Many Fields:

Innovation In Many Fields
                                                             Technology has truly resulted in digitization in many fields. Either it is the field of biology (medical) or in the field of farming or electronics, technology has resulted in a global revolution. Better techniques in cropping have resulted in more and healthier food fro humans. so there are so many innovations in technology we can’t cover it into one signal post nowadays technology is in every field of life like . medical, forming, shops, homes, factories, and many other places.

4-Ease Of Access To Information:

Ease Of Access To Information
                                                                    WWW Abbreviated as the world wide web has made the world like a social village. This is because the information from all around the world is now widely available on the internet means everything you want I available on the internet free of cost. While most of the news you get to see on social media is purely accurate, you can also see image results for that particular news. Not only more news is available, but there is all the information that is straight forward available. All the efforts and thanks to modern technology. Anyone can get to read a book in his comfort with the cup of tea on his bed. EBooks are now widely available on the internet for this purpose. 

Top 5 Latest Technology Inventions In 2020:

1-Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence
                                                                   Markets forecast the worldwide computing market can reach up to $190.61B by 2025 from $21.46 Billion in 2018, at a CAGR of thirty six.63% throughout the indicated amount. Such fast growth of software trends is principally explained by factors like increasing big knowledge amounts, growing cloud usage in computers, increasing demand for automation of work, and wide adoption of non-public digital assistants. 
Their area unit varied Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications robotics, machine learning algorithms, image/text recognition code, knowledge analytics, sales foretelling, and many more. Artificial intelligence provides businesses with various sides, permitting them to appreciably curve operations, cut back prices, boost productivity, improve the client-side service, increase performance, etc. 

2-IoT (Internet Of Things):

(internet of things)
                                                                         The (IoT) Internet of Things describes the network of physical objects around things that are embedded with technical sensors and those sensors are connected with the software and other over the internet. These devices range from ordinary household objects to practical industrial tools. where the more than 7 billion connected IoT (internet of things) devices today, experts are expecting this number may grow up to 10 billion in 2020 and 22 billion by 2025. Over the past few years, IoT has become one of the most popular technology in the upcoming era.
Now that we can connect everyday objects with IOT Just Like Kitchen Appliances, cars, thermostats, baby monitors to the internet via embedded sensors, seamless communication is possible between people, processes, and things. The physical world meets the digital world—and they cooperate.


                                                                     Cybersecurity is a computing technique of protecting any device which able to connect with the internet, and data from unauthorized access or any wrong or criminal use and the practice of ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the information. It seems that nowadays everything depends on computers and the internet. whether it is basic communication or any entertainment.
(e.g,  video games, social media, apps ), transportation (e.g., navigation systems), shopping (e.g., e-commerce online shopping, credit card details), and the list go on. How much of your daily life Depends on technology? How much of your personal information is stored on your internet-connected devices lie mobile phones, tablets, and many more devices, so the cybersecurity works on that principle to protect your sensitive information and protect it?

4-Robotics(Machine Learning):

Robotics(Machine Learning)
                                                                       Robot learning is a research field of machine learning and robotics. It is the study of allowing robots to acquire novel skills or adapt skills to their environment through learning algorithms. The embodiment of the robot, situated in a physical embedding, provides at the same time specific difficulties. Example of skills that are targeted by machine learning algorithms includes sensor skills such as locomotion, grasping, active object categorization.
As well as interactive skills such as joint manipulation of an object with a human peer, and linguistic skills such as the grounded and situated meaning of human language. Learning can happen either through autonomous self-exploration or through guidance from a human teacher, like for example in robot learning by imitation.

5-Driver-Less Cars: 

Driver-less Cars
                                                                             There is some deviation in the terminology used in the self-driving car. Various organizations have proposed to define correct and consistent vocabulary. Such confusion has been documented in “SAE J3016” which states that “Some vernacular usages associate autonomous specifically with full driving automation (Level 5), while other usages apply it to all levels of driving automation, and some state legislation has defined it to correspond approximately to any ADS [automated driving system] at or above Level 3. so nowadays it is not as use technology bit in the upcoming era it will become a greater and valuable technology. 

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