Top 6 White Hat SEO Techniques Should Follow In 2021 To Outrank Your Competitor

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Did you know that by using black hat SEO techniques you can easily rank your site within 1 / half a month?

So, we have to ask ourselves, why are we employing white hat SEO techniques to increase our work stress if we can rank our website with a wrong methods?

Wait ! i am going to clear it up all 

Black hat techniques have the major disadvantage of causing your site to go down after 2-3 months and Google will penalize it and that site will never be recovered

On another post I’ll discuss black hat techniques in detail, today I’m going to review white hat SEO techniques and what they can do for long-term rankings.

Please grab a cup of tea and read this blog post

What Is White Hat Seo?

This is simply a process of improving your rank by practicing a legal method or building your site by following Google guidelines. It all falls under the category of white hat SEO. 

The white hat SEO is a safe strategy that follows guidelines set by the search engines. 

Whereas black hat SEO involves risky strategies  that mostly penalize your site.

Note: My recommendation is that you should not opt for black hat SEO at any cost since a penalized website SEO is equal to 10 newly built websites.

Maybe you’ve heard the famous SEO quote “write for people, not for the search engines

It is to white hat SEO, which focuses on user experience instead of trying to impress search engine robots 

It is no secret that Google rewards those websites that value the user experience more than impressing search engines so it is good for your overall site health to follow white hat seo techniques .

Now let’s walk through the white hat SEO tactics and evaluate it. 

White Hat SEO Techniques To Follow For Rankings in 2021  :

As we know many case studies and  Bunch of white hat Techniques available. I will try to cover some of them which will be beneficial in 2021. 

But along these techniques you have to follow this in order to skyrocket your rankings

  1. On-Page 
  2. Off-Page  
  3. Technical Seo 

Let’s jump towards the techniques

1. Relevant Keyword Researching:

When I talk about white hat seo tactics, the very first thing that comes into my mind is keyword research

Have You Noticed I have added a word relevant ? which means keyword should be  related to content

For example : Here we talked about “white hat seo techniques”  and you have researched here “what is white hat seo” so , it is wrong practice.Make sure you have relevancy in your keywords.

To maintain relevance in your keywords  you can go through with Semrush Keyword research tool it will give you 7 Days free Keyword Testing Trail

Lastly, research at least one primary keyword and two or three supporting / secondary keywords and use them in your title and meta description to maximize your ranking

Also check:  Top Free keyword research tools

2. Always content is King:

As we all know that content is king and it is a major part of white hat SEO you can say 80% of your SEO credits goes to content without it you even can not think to rank

content is king

You must ensure that your content provides better user experience if you want to impress Google. 

Google ranking formula is “best content = higher ranking”

 Follow these tips to create better content and improve your SEO skills at the same time.

  1. Write For Your Audience Not For Search engines: Google becomes smarter after the panda algorithm so do not be over smart maybe your robotic content ranks initially but slowly it will become down. write content that appeals to your targeted audience 
  2. Include answers: There must be answers to your user’s queries to try to solve users problem
  3. Research Before Write: without research you can not produces better content so before writing make sure you have researched the do and don’ts of your content
  4. Jargon-free content: don’t beat about the bush concisely clear your point.
  5. Content length should be high: some people say that content between 500-700 words is enough for ranking but i believe that your content should be at least 2000 words long because it will help search engines to understand your topic intention.
  6. Use keyword: Add your primary and supporting keywords in a natural way to avoid keyword stuffing and avoid the search percentage method. Because some black hat experts believe that using 3% of your primary keyword in content makes higher chances of rank but it is a myth. 
  7. Up-To-Date Content: Make sure your content is fresh and up to date. Search engines consistently searching for new and fresh content. did you know? you can de-rank outdated content with your fresh content as well. so be ensure you have published updated content
  8. Make it beautiful: use images, infographics, and videos ( if needed) to make it more relevant 

3. Building High Quality Backlinks : 

Backlinking is still the most powerful white hat SEO tactic.

 With this technique, you can drive a good amount of traffic as well as improve your website’s authority.

link building

Building links to your content will help you rank it. When your website gets more backlinks, it means many sites point to it which increases your ranking. 

Note: Avoid buying backlinks because the google penguin algorithm easily detects spammy backlinks at last google will penalize you. 

Now let’s talk about how you can build quality backlinks for your site without using black hat SEO techniques

(1) The Brian Dean’s Skyscraper link building Technique:

The simplest and most effective way to build quality backlinks to your site is through guest posting. Dean’s experiment resulted in doubling his organic traffic in just 14 days.

Oh, it sounds great!

Now, what is the working algorithm of this skyscraper link building technique ?

it is divided into three steps

skyscrapper three steps

1- Find relevant content:

 Find popular content according to your niche must have bunch of links 

For example: if i am writing “white hat SEO techniques” then i will have to find out the most popular posts which are already ranked on that keyword.

With the foot printing tactic, analyze your competitor’s backlinks and save those urls in a spreadsheet. You can use tools like Semrush for this.

2- Make Even Much Better Content:

by implementing the 10x content creating rule in your content you can outrank your competitors 

it means the quality of your content must be 10 times extra than currently ranked content.

3- Email outreach:

email outreach

Now email to the website’s owners where your competitors are getting links  and tell them that your content is much better than him and add your content link on his site . so that it will enhance your content quality as well.

we will discuss later for this skyscraper technique in another post

(2) Build Natural Backlinks With Infographics:

whit hat seo infographic

Making useful  infographic is the best way to attract natural backlinks for your content 

the infographic is still a useful white hat SEO technique to built quality backlinks for site.

The infographic not only attracts readers but also attracts much attention from social media platforms.

you can add your infographic image on your social media platform it will attract more loyal readers from your site and it will increase your site’s traffic as well.

you can also submit your infographics on several infographic accepter websites in return they will give you a quality backlink for your site 

Now let’s take a look at how you can make an attractive and viral infographic image?  

How to build attractive Infographics :

step-1: select a topic for example “white hat SEO techniques” and search it on google then gather the information and pick designing structure

step-2: go to or for creating  infographic image (i personal recommend you to go for canva )

step-3: Search “infographic” in canva search bar you will see the amazing designs of infographics. pick one of them which attract you

canva infographic

 step-3: edit it according to your choice and download it for free

edit and download


Once you have created your infographic then publish it on your website and make it easy for readers to share it it will increase your user experience. 

in order to make you social presence strong you have to increase your shares on social media so for that

Create an embed code of your infographics. You can get that from Siege Media embed code generator  and add generated code on your site.

also make easy to share your infographics on social media by using Image sharer app. This plugin allow users to share  infographics on social media. they will see share option whenever they hover on infographic image.

4. Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast:

This is one of the key factor of google and numerous search engine. the ideal speed of every website should be 1-2 seconds. 

According to the study, 53% of mobile users bounce back if the site does not load in 3 seconds. you can check your page load speed on the GT matrix speed checker

make sure your website load fast

Increment in bounce rate may decrease your rankings and also kill your user experience as well.

In short, you have to make your site loads under 1-2 seconds for that you have to work on it. 

so let’s take a look at how you can improve your site speed by using different ways 

How To Improve Site Speed?

  1. Move to a Fast web Hosting provider: this could be a major reason for most websites are fast (or slow). everyone loves faster loading so choose fast hosting to make your website loads fast. I recommend you to go for HostGator hosting they provide amazing speed with reasonable prize
  2. Avoid using large sizes of images. as google recommend to  to use (.webp) image format rather than using (gif, jpeg, png, etc) because this is an advance format of images and it provides the high-quality result with lowest size
  3. use image compression plugin: if you are using WordPress I strongly recommend you to use smush Lazy Load Images or image optimizer plugin because i am personally using these plugin for compression
  4. Use cache plugin to improve your site’s cache and help him to load faster than usual.I recommend you to use w3 cache or wp rocket plugin
  5.  Use content delivery networks (CDN): This is the way to deliver your website’s webpages to visitors more quickly, according to their geographic location. it will simply make copies of your site and store it on a different servers and make them more easily accessible. i recommend you to go for free Cloudflare CDN it will provide you free CDN service.

There might be more ways to improve loading speed we will talk about it in another post.

5. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly:

 Your website must be designed for mobile users it must be shrinks down to be small enough to perfectly display on a mobile devices and look good.

Do you know?

Billions of peoples using mobile phones for browsing of information.

And google also reward those websites which have responsiveness.

According to the research of Statista, The number of mobile users has been increased by more than 12% over the last 4 years.

Over 67% of people take interest to visit website by using mobile phones. so for that mobile responsiveness is become a key factor of ranking without it you even can’t think to rank your site in higher positions.

How Do We Check the Website’s Mobile responsiveness?

To check your website is mobile-friendly or not, just click here on the Mobile-Friendly Test tool. it which shows you complete details of your site regarding mobile-friendliness.

Here’s how it looks like;

check mobile friendlness

you can see above, we entered or website’s (knowledgeshout) URL it’s showing us complete detail of our page. it shows the page is mobile friendly (which means, the page is easy to use on a mobile devices).

How You Can Make your Site Mobile Friendly ?

(1) Use AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Pages )

This technology is provided by google it self. AMP pages will reduce your site load time and comes with beautiful and ease of use structure.

let see here an example page of google AMP Technology

google AMP

The key advantage of using AMP pages is it increase your load time along this it will provide you an other amazing feature of character limit.  

Do you know that, Google has a 78 character title limit for mobile devices and 70 character limit for desktop users. 

if you are going to exceed the character limit in titles, extra characters get truncated and it won’t show up.

How To Implement AMP Pages In WordPress:

it is quite simple for the wordpress users via plugins you can active AMP pages on your wordpress site


Also Read Here Detailed Guide: Create a basic AMP page

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly By Using WordPress Plugins:

  1. WPtouch: it is a widely used plugin by over 500,000 downloads worldwide it included on Google’s shortlist of top WordPress mobile solutions
  2. Mobile Plugin from iThemes: it is a premium mobile plugin powered by iThemes which is globally popular and used by many peoples.
  3. TapTap: Another premium mobile plugin powered by CodeCanyon (Envato Market) it offers most flexible WordPress mobile menu.

6. Re-optimize Your Old Posts:

want to increase your existing traffic? then you must have to work on re-optimizing and updating your old blog post with updated knowledge.

It is only a white hat SEO technique that will skyrocket your ranking in search engines. keep posting new content is a time taking process this could be complicated for you. 

Instead of this, you can work on your existing content and make valuable updates to your old content. It takes less to do but results will shock you.

I mainly update my already published posts on Saturday and Sunday.

 it’s my day to work on old content. it also gives a positive signal to Google search engine 

when you update your old content it will tell Google that content is updated, you’ll get a change in your traffic  

you can see here how Neil Patel (marketing expert) increase his 58% by optimizing existing content

How Do I Improve My Existing Content?

  1. Improve your CTR: CTR (Click Through Rate) by placing attractive title and meta description to improve the chances of your posts get clicks. keep in mind your title length should not be more than 65-70 character
  2. Fix grammatically error in your posts: over time you feel improvement in your writing skills. so that improve grammatical and spelling errors from your blog posts
  3. increase your content-length: if you are realizing that this content must be longer than don’t think do it now. add more authoritative information and make it more value able
  4. Do On-page optimizing to your existing blog post: simple quick method to improve your existing post is to improve your On-page SEO and make it easier for the search engine

You can read : Complete guide of on-page SEO 

Final Thoughts:

White hat SEO will help you to increase your site traffic in very positive way, White hat SEO would be helpful in 2021 and remain for lifetime. 

Do not  focus only improving your SEO via making spammy links by using black hat techniques) it  really give result quickly but it last it would dangerous for your site.

It’s quite evident that White Hat SEO techniques are needed . if your wish is to want to drive traffic on your website then you have to Follow the above-mentioned tactics to boost your site rankings 

Kindly;  stay away from Black Hat SEO that can earn you a penalty.

Do you have any more white hat SEO techniques to share? If you like this SEO guide, this post is not only full of research and facts but my love also in it so  please share it with your seo aspirants  and let me know your questions and thoughts in the below comment box 😊😊

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