What Is Custom Permalinks | Setup Permalinks In Blogspot Complete Guide

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Have you heard about Custom permalinks?

If no then!

This guide will teach you everything about Custom permalink in blogspot (blogger). 

Custom permalinks can be used to recreate URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) for a particular page.

Having the wrong URL structure,most of your blog’s SEO tactics will not work. There is no guarantee that the article will perform well on any search engine. 

Short URLs make it easier for search engines to understand post structure and provide a neat and clean user experience

In this post we will talk about how we can edit our posts & pages URLs in order to make it SEO friendly 

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Permalinks In Blogspot:

Blogspot also gives you capability to customize your URL structure 

Structure Of Blogspot URL


Blogspot url contains year , date and post name in it’s url structure 

blogspot url structure

Why Is A Permalink Important?

Permalink is essential for two major points. 

Usability: permalinks help users to expect what your blog posts and your pages are all about means what kind of info you give to visitors and makes your visitors interested to visit your blog.

SEO: your blog permalinks tell the search engines about your blog posts and pages thus it also Improves indexing and ranking. And the most important fact is that Google, bing

Or any other search engines high priority to permalinks and thus, having Seo friendly permalink structure in your blogspot blog can help you attain a good position in SERPs.

According to Backlinco“ short URLs tend to have a slight ranking advantage over longer URLs”.

By utilizing permalinks, you can create links that are easy to understand.

Another advantage of permalinks is that your blog post can be shared quickly with other visitors

How to Add Custom permalink In BlogSpot:

In blogspot, it is quite easy to add custom permalinks.

  1. Log in to your Blogger account.
  1. Click On new Post button at the left side bar
blogspot new post button
  1. After clicking on the post  button you will see permalink setting located at right sidebar 
blogspot custom Permalink

5. Click on the custom permalink option and Edit according to your choice.

Tips For Best Permalink Structure:

  1. permalinks are limited to characters (a to z) Avoid to using special characters 
  2. Avoid t using numbers 0,1,2,3….
  3. Use special characters in order to split permalink  such as underscores (_), dashes (-), and commas (.)
  4. Avoid making Long permalinks 
blogspot custom Permalink

6. Final step is to publish your new permalink after checking your changes.

Final Words:

In this guide I have teached you about the permalinks and its structure. 

Hope After Reading this blog post  you will be able to  customize your own permalinks.

If you have any questions then feel free to ask in the comment section below or join our Social Media Platforms for learning about blogging Seo and Digital marketing.

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