How to Add Blogspot Blog In Google Search Console – Full Guide On Blogspot New Interface

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Have you ever heard about Google Search Console? 

Or have an idea to set up your Blogspot blog?

If your answer is No😲 

then set back and take a cup of tea ☕

In this guide, you will learn how to set up a Blogspot account on Google Search Console 😊

Before going to complete setup on google search console first of all we need to know what is actually google search console 🤔

What Is Google Search Console ?

Google Search Console is also known as Google Webmaster Tool. 

It is an online tool provided by Google which provides professional web tools to monitor your blog’s search results.

It is a free 😲 tool that has many good features. 

Such as 

  1. Search Appearance
  2.  Google search traffic analytics
  3.  error checking
  4. Keyword Monitoring & many more 

Additionally, you can also use other Google tools, such as Google Analytics, to monitor both the traffic to your site and the behavior of your users 😲

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Note: (Google Search  Console also have another Name called Google Search Center)

Why Google Search Console Is Important 

Google Search Console gives you access to monitor your website’s performance, Website errors, earnings, impressions, clicks, and many more.

Additionally, if you can’t connect your website to Google Search Console, you might suffer a big loss.

 It might be impossible for you to fix any kind of errors on your site.

I give you a good funny example in order to understand the importance of Google search console:

 if you want to play a game on PS4 but you didn’t connect to the Joypad, which means it is unable to play without the JoyPad, the same lies here.

There are a bunch of other features and benefits of the Google search console that you can find on the official site of Google.

Let’s take a look at how we can connect our Blogspot blog with Google Search Console.

How to Add Blogspot Blog In Google Search Console:

  1. First of all Visit the Google search console by typing “google search console on google’s search box” or visiting on below provided URL
Searched google search console on google
  1. Go to Google Search Console’s official site by clicking on the first result.
poinitng out strat now button on google search console
  1. Click on the Start now option; and the new page will appear. Now you have to login your google account 

NOTE: (Use the same Google account which is associated with your Blogspot account)

  1. Click to at the left top of option “Add property ”
  1. After that new popup will appears 
  2. Now select your property type and enter you URL on 2nd option “URL prefix”
add property type on google search console
  1. After that enter your “URL” under the “Url Prefix Box” then Click on “Continue”
adding url on URL prefix tab on google serch console
  1. When you click the “continue” button, your blog ownership will be verified automatically since you have logged in with the same Google account as yours.   
verifying ownership on google search console

Congratulations! You have successfully added your site to Google Search Console.😊😊

Now, you need to add your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool in order to tell Google how your blog is structured. 

Note: Adding a sitemap is not a mandatory step to perform if your blog has a perfect internal linking structure the Google bots will crawl themselves. However, no blog is perfect, so you must have a sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools.

It is quite easy to add a sitemap of your Blogspot blog on google search console 

Adding Blogspot Sitemap On Google Webmaster Tool:

  1. Once you have verified the site, you must find the sitemap option, which is located on the left side of Google search console.
  1. Click on “Sitemaps”
procedure of adding sitemap on google serch console
  1. After clicking on sitemaps the new popup will be appear now you just have to add “sitemap.xml” at the last of your URL

In my case URL is “” and i added “sitemap.xml” at the end of my blog’s URL

added google sitemap url
  1. Now click on submit and you have done. Google webmaster tool will automatically verify your sitemap

  1. Now You can also able to check your sitemap Report 
sitemap successfully verified

Hurrah Guys We Have Successfully Added our Blogspot blog to Google Webmasters tools 😍😍

Final Words

I hope you have learned a lot from this guide as well Hope you have enjoyed it.

If you don’t have any idea of Blogspot blog then we are providing a perfect zero to hero Blogspot course on our blog for free 

I probably missed many things which I need to cover.

In case I missed anything, please let me know in the comments section and also let me know how you make use of google search console.

I am waiting for your comments …

Till Then TaDa!!


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