Top Highest Paid Link Shortening Sites In 2021 – Double Your Earning

In blogging, everyone wants to make money online.  in our blog, you will always find the latest earning tactics even you have no technical skills.

Nowadays every platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social platforms demand short URL, 

if you have any downloading sites or youtube channel  so it is amazon chance to make your earnings double

You can earn a massive amount of money from shortening the URL website.

One of the best things is that you do not need a blog or a YouTube channel to make money, you can just share links with your friends. 

It is my intention in this article to give you tips on how to earn a handsome income by simply shortening links. 

I’m going to share with you the highest paid link shortener websites where you can make a significant amount of money by sharing your links. 

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What is a link shortener? 

A link shortener is used to shorten links. Basically, it is the process of shortening URLs (uniform resource locator) to smaller ones that still redirect the user to the target URL.

A URL shortener helps you make your link your own by using your brand. Several URL shorteners also allow you to track who clicks on your links and why. The information you collect about your visitors might help you attract more visitors to your site.

Make Money With Link Shortener Website :

Before we visit these sites, we should know how they work. 

Simple Funda Is, you would get paid for each click that was made on your shortener link. You may earn a different amount depending on your geographical location and where your link got clicked.  

Top 5 Link shortener Earning sites:

The Internet offers more than 40 link shortening sites that offer different rates based on their policies.

 But I have scanned 5 of the highest paid link shortener websites for you. Simply make your link short so that every time someone clicks on it you will receive a certain amount every time. So without further ado let’s check out these highest paid link shortening websites. 

1- ShrinkEarn :


ShrinkEarn is one of the best website I have ever seen for link shortening. 

I have personally used this website and the manner in which it makes money is very different. 

You can earn up to 20$ per 1000 clicks with shrinkEarn (it can be a different country vice versa).  

Link-shortening site ShrinkEarn is free to use, so now you can earn money from home just by protecting your links. 

ShrinkEarn Features:

Referral Program:

You will receive 20% of your friends’ earnings for life when you refer them. 

Low payout: 

You need only earn $5.000 before you will be paid. We can pay all users via PayPal

ShrinkEarn Earning Methods Support:

Shrink Earn supports the most popular web earning methods with minimum withdrawals

  1. Paypal
  2. Web Money
  3. Payeer
  4. Skrill

2- Adfly Link Shortener Site:

 URL shortener Adfly pays publishers by shortening the links and then gives them a portion of the advertising revenue. 

Through, publishers, YouTubers, gamers, and social media activists can earn massive amounts of money by shortening their links.

 Simply fill out a form to create an account. Simply post your shortened links on their blogs, YouTube channel, social media pages, and other social media accounts.

adfly link shortning site

Visitors who follow your shorten link will initially view a full page that contains a 5-second ad.

Thereafter, a skip ad button will appear on the screen and the visitor will be redirected to his original link. shares the revenue generated by the advertisements with the link’s publisher. 

Payment Methods And Withdrawal Policy Of adFly:

AdFly accepts the latest payment methods with minimum withdrawal thresholds.

supportive methods:

  1. Paypal
  2. Payoneer
  3. Payza
  4. Skrill (coming soon)

Minimum WithdrawalThreshold: pays a minimum of $5 to its publishers. PayPal and Payza require a minimum withdrawal of $5, while Payoneer requires a minimum withdrawal of $10. As long as you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount, payments are made on the first day of every month. 

3- Shorte.ST

This is one of the best link shortener sites I’ve ever seen. In my earning site checklist, I placed this website on the third row. 

A URL shortening service called pays you a lot of money for every click.

 It shortens your link and turns it into a money-making link, as well as placing a link shortener. It also provides us with fullscreen pop-up ads, which means when your link is clicked a full screen ad will appear. link earning site 

There are several popular money withdrawal methods available on that users can choose from. 

There are several websites available online, but is the best.

Shorte.ST Features:

Let’s discuss how we mostly love, link shortener? Because of these given Features 

Website and blog owners can earn money:

If you have and downloading website or any type of gaming website where you can not get approval from Google Adsense 

so,you can run, ads on your website. If you share your links with your visitors, you can make a lot of money. 

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Social media group members can earn money:

You can use these links with your members for earning money if you are an admin of any social media group or a page owner on Facebook. 

Online marketers Can earn Money:

People who teach others how to make money and benefit from, the solution. 

Highly Conversion Rate:

Well-suited, conversion rate provided by safe and good ads here 

Payout On Time:

you can withdraw your earned amount at any time after reaching you minimum amount threshold 

Dedicated Customer Agent: provides 24/7 support to its advertisers and publishers. In case of any query mistake, you can contact them  

Payment Methods: accepts global popular payment methods for its users.

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. WebMoney


This is another great URL Shortener earning site. ShrinkMe.IO is probably the highest paying one on this list. One of the best aspects of is its payment options. supports a wide range of payment methods.    

You can earn up to $250 per 10,000 views on the Form of your shortened link with ShrinkMe.IO. 

Surprisingly, the $22 CPM rate does not apply to US traffic and is quite good elsewhere.

Additionally, you can earn money by referring others. ShrinkMe.IO offers a 20% commission on the total revenue made by your referrals on the ShrinkMe.IO platform. 

What Makes Different From Others?

Signup bonus: Provide us 1$ Signup bonus for free. Minimum Payout: 5$ 

Payment Methods Of supports most latest payment methods with the minimum withdrawal thresholds.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Papal
  3. Payeer
  4. Skrill
  5. UPI [for india]
  6. Paytm cash [for india]
  7. bank transfer [for india]

 so these are some top highest paid link shortening site which helps you to double your earnings.

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