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These days the social media jungle is all about how to create posts that can increase your engagement and get you leads and sales.

Amazing social media posts ideas and strategies (based on the latest social media updates and features)….

..That will help you to…

Get more Likes, Reactions, Shares, and Comments, as well as increased click-through rates and wider reach.

Social media can definitely seem like a constantly changing minefield.

Most marketers, struggling to get their posts onto an increasingly crowded newsfeed, where the constant algorithm updates can make it really tough for brands and businesses to get noticed.

Well, don’t worry. I am here to help You.

In this post, you’re going to have access absolute 30 social media posts ideas

So let get started!

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You may be wondering “Why social media? Why do I even need to be on these platforms?”

How could a place where people share silly pictures of cats and puppies and tell everyone what they had for lunch possibly help you grow your business and brand?

Well, it’s true that some of these platforms can have their ridiculous moments (I’m looking at you, TikTok).

But as an online marketer, you need to look past all that and focus on what else social media can do for you:

  1. Expose your brand and increase awareness
  1. Strengthen your relationships with your followers/customers 
  2. Drive traffic to your funnels
  3. Gauge the success and popularity of new services and products

……….. And most importantly, it can help you reach a laser-targeted, worldwide audience


Social media is just a mechanism.

It’s not always about the steps or techniques but rather how you can connect to your audience on a deeper level with your content. 

If steps alone could create change, then everybody would be rich, happy and shredded with 6-pack abs.

But, this is not the case. 

The reason is that, when it comes to your audience’s journey, there are two main things you need to do:

  1. Explain your journey
  2. Bounce with your audience’s journey

If you take a look at the greatest thought leaders in the world and their content across, you would notice that it is never about the steps. 

For example, the best books of all time hardly contain steps because that is not enough.

What if that is all great social media is all about?

It is about having these components you can add into your messaging to make your content more relevant to your audience.

  1. Struggles – How much do your audience know about your struggles in that specific market? This is what’s going to make you human and


  1. Success – What experience or accomplishment have you had in this area? This is crucial when acquiring new leads. They want to know why they should give you their attention.
  1. Strengths – These are the strengths you’ve developed as a result of you going through the journey of trying to figure things out in your market.
  1. Beliefs- What makes you a thought leader in a specific area? If you can show them how to think about things in your marketplace, you will stand out.

E.g: What are your beliefs about business or life?

In order to go deeper with your audience, you would need to tackle these components through your content:-

  1. Fear of losing

What does your audience fear losing? Emphasize that in your content.

E.g: Investing in real estate would help them build wealth but it’s asking them to make some money out of their retirement fund and that’s scary.

  1. Fear of the outcome

Convey in your message that you have been where they are now, their fears are valid and it’s all part of the process.

  1. Motivations

Get your audience to see that their environment is what will influence their willpower by telling them a personal story or showcasing an image.

  1. Choices

Include how to make tough choices in your messaging, you can change and educate your audience on a much deeper level. 

This is how you engage, retain, and convert audiences better.

…And that is why in this book, you need to understand that it is not about utilizing a carousel post or Facebook LIVE technique down to a pat.

But, it’s all about the messaging through whichever format you choose to share your posts on that will help you increase your engagements, leads, and sales.


  1. There are close to 4.20 billion active social media users with 1.3 billion years spent using the internet. 
  2. The number of social media users is now equivalent to more than 53% of the world’s total population.
  3. There has been a surge of 13.2% of active social media users over the last year.
  4. The total time spent on social media is 3.7 trillion hours – equivalent to 420 million years of combined human existence.
  5. 36.5% of social media users use these platforms to stay up to date with news and current affairs and 27.5% use it to research on products to buy.

What This Means For You:

  1. Statistically, social media is too big for marketers to ignore.There aren’t just a lot of people on social media, but also a lot of active users who visit it regularly each and every day.
  1. Though usage of social media is vast, attention spans are short. You have a limited amount of time during which to capture your followers’ attention. This is why you want to use it wisely.
  1. You’ll also be competing for followers’ attention with a huge amount of information. If you want to be noticed, and even better, shared, you will need to focus on quality and good

posting strategy.


abdul rafay making a video in linkedin for their users

Video is probably the number one strategy for social media marketing, simply because it can really help you get some incredible engagement and reach.

When you hear the word “video”, you probably think of YouTube.


videos can be utilized across multiple platforms such as Facebook Linked In & Instagram.


  1. Video posts have an ORGANIC reach of 8.71% (as compared to 5.77% for text statuses, 5.29% for link posts and 3.73% for photo posts).
  1. 85% of marketers say that video is an effective way to get attention online.
  1. 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media.
  1. 84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Steps To Shoot a Video:

  1. Beginning with the end in mind – What content is proven to be engaging?

What are people searching for right now? Reverse engineer from your end goal to plan it all out.

  1. Researching trending topics that will capture your audience’s attention.

There are few platforms for researching trending topics are Buzzsumo, Answer The Public & Social Blade

  1. Buzzsumo is a great tool that will help you identify what content works best for different topics and competitors which will allow you to create a pattern-interrupt. 
  1. Answer The Public is a keyword tool that visualizes search questions to help create search-based content.
  1. Social Blade is a website that helps to showcase statistics and analytics which will allow you to gain a better understanding of user growth and trends.

Look at the topics, hooks, and angles that are out there and are proven to work because they have a ton of engagements (i.e comments, likes, and shares).

You would  get your ideas by modeling them (not copying them!)

2. GO LIVE With Video

Engage with your audience by going live across Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

A person have a mic and delivering his presentation by using Facebook live feature


  • Plan What To Talk About Ahead Of Time

You don’t want to have a rambling discussion about nothing.

Knowing what you’ll be talking about and doing this well will help you to build your brand and reputation.

  • Create A Compelling Title

This is probably self-explanatory, but you should relate the title of your broadcast with the topic you’ll be speaking on.

This is mainly because when people get a notification that you’re live, the title is the only thing they’ll see.

The title of your video should make people decide that they want to watch your broadcast and join you on your Livestream

  • Strive For Great Audio

Speak loudly and clearly, close to the phone, or invest in a microphone. Try to avoid broadcasting anywhere with a lot of background noise.

  • Acknowledge & Greet Your Audience

When you go live, acknowledge your audience and greet them. Thank them for taking time out of their day and choosing to spend it with you. In addition, make sure to respond to comments during the stream.

  • Test Different Broadcast Length & Times

From my personal experience, I’ve found anywhere from 5-15 minutes is just fine. See what your audience likes, and try to gauge when you’ve been streaming for too long.

Also, try to find the best time to broadcast – usually whenever your audience is most active.

  • End with a call to action

Live video can be a great opportunity for your social media marketing.

\Make the most of your broadcasts to direct your audience to a specific place by including a simple call to action at the end of your video. 

For example, you could send them to your website, sales

page, or ask people to send you a private message for more information on a topic.


If you decide to create an ad out of your LIVE video, here’s what you should do:

  1.  Increase your ad replayability by not spending too much time in the open greeting your audience and engaging too much
  1. Mention a link as your call to action and get your audience to type it in the chat instead. Then, after the LIVE is over, add in the link and if you choose to, you can turn that piece of content into an ad.

 3. RUN A POLL on socail media


  • Getting feedback for your product
  • service or event Finding out what your followers want/like
  • Engaging with your audiences
abdul rafay run a poll in linkedin

Additionally, you could also do a LIVE across a platform of your choice to allow your audience to get to know you better and answer any burning questions they may have.


Ever watched one of those photo or video slideshows at a wedding or baby shower?

Animated video presentations are awesome video content that you can create and post if you’re one of those who doesn’t like being on video or who is afraid to speak in front of a camera.

All you need are tons of photos or short video clips, and some video editing software like Windows Movie Maker or Camtasia. 

If you’re on mobile, there are tons of video editing programs that you can download and use for free as well.

animated image example

Though this may look like a static image, it is actually an animated video that has garnered a ton of views and engagement.


a person delivering a quote on linkedIn

I shared here one of my best friend’s screenshot

This is one of the things that I do myself, so if you’ve been following me across social media you’ll probably have noticed that I post at least 3-4 of these every single day!

There’s a lot of negativity in the world (and also on social media).

That’s probably why so many people tend to be encouraged by inspirational or motivational quotes and images.

This works no matter what niche you’re in, by the way.

Inspirational quote images tend to receive 56% more Likes/Reactions, 110% more comments than any other type of post, and 84% more click-throughs than text-based posts.


Now, you may be annoyed by all the posts people on your newsfeed have been making about what they had for lunch or dinner, but put aside your irritation for a moment.

As a marketer, what you need to understand about these types of posts is that your followers really, 

really love them?

I’m not saying you have to post about your lunch.

But making your social media posts more personal can really help you to see a marked increase in your post engagement.

a person sitting his office and making a video

Especially if you’re the face of your company or brand – people love to see behind-the-scenes into your everyday life and share your moments of happiness and sadness.

They want to see that you’re human, too – which is why occasionally, you should try to share some glimpses of your personal life with your followers.

Just remember to keep it interesting, appropriate and positive.


Apple CEO representing his company with other brands

Besides you, your followers will also want to know more about your company, brand, or employees. 

They want to connect with you, not a business logo.

Remember, no matter what niche you’re in, you want to focus on building a relationship with your fans and followers.

Sharing a post with them that’s not all about the business will go a long way towards helping you develop a personal connection with everyone who visits your Page.


homor type of post

Even if your business, brand or niche has a very professional, serious tone, you want to try and fit in humorous posts whenever you can.

Humor can be a very powerful social media tool.

You don’t have to try too hard to be overly humorous, though. Instead, you need to find the right balance between fun, helpfulness, and giving information for your posts.

You can even strive for humor when responding to comments. Use it to get more engagement, likes, or even to diffuse a potentially tense situation.


 Though getting hate comments can be disheartening, there’s a way to turn it around by creating posts or an ad based on that hater comment and relate it to your story.

Here’s how you do it.

Finding a hater comment is really easy if you post literally anything online. Social media is extremely brutal, so it won’t be too hard to find one.

It’s fine to have a sense of humor and be slightly witty with your copy as though you are making fun of it. Bridge the post with your story, send them to your call to action and watch as your engagements go through the roof.


animated gif cinematographic picture

Animated GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are basically a collection of still images which have been put together to create a moving image or series of images.

A cinematograph is a still photograph that has subtle, looping video elements.

Either of these can help you not just create interesting graphical advertisements, but also help your posts catch viewers’ eyes, thanks to the video autoplay feature on these different social media platforms.

You can conjure up to about 4 to 5 frames and then animate them in Photoshop to create an animated social media post.

11. USE AN ACCESSIBLE CTA on social media

Instagram introduced a call-to-action for Pages recently, allowing businesses and brands to add their most important objective to the top of their biography.

accessible cta on isntagram

This is a great way to get your Page visitors to take action of some sort:

Test things out and find out which call-to-action works best according to your business and brand.


Big events like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Eid Occasions, Happy New Year’…

Take note of what your followers celebrate, and make sure to post on those days!

a person posted erid mubarak to his connection on inkedin

 Some events may be regional, but if you can, try and make posts about events that happen all over the world at around the same time, Like; Happy New Year

You can refer to websites like Daraz.com to identify special events that you can leverage on in your social media postings.



It may seem redundant to let everyone know when a new month has started, or that it’s Monday (again), but many people love these types of posts.

Create a pattern interrupt by utilizing an ugly image or one that would get your audience to think of the deeper meaning.

Instead of posts like, “Happy Monday, everyone!” or “Thank God It’s Friday!”, accompanied with pretty graphics, switch it up to include ugly graphics.

Try to pair it with some additional post content that’s related to your niche for even better results.


some type of crusel post

Carousel posts are a great way to get people to swipe left to read more.

Use an image that is pattern-interrupt to get people to stay on the


This will show the algorithm that people are engaged which translates to showing more people the post.

You can do this by having a topic and splitting them into key points between 3-5 images. 

This will give your audience a bigger picture and show them the call to action that they can take to make the topic happen.


a person shared a informative post according to his expertise

Share tips, tricks, information, and solutions with your followers!

This will help establish yourself as an expert in your industry, not to mention it provides value for your fans.

You don’t have to delve too deep into any topic.


a person sitting his office anfd working alone

 People love to see the “real people” behind the company/brand.

This helps make your business more “relatable”, plus it also gives people a glimpse into your business or brand’s “personality”.

Share with your followers about what you do behind the scenes so they can see what you and your employees do. Even a photo of your workspace would be great.

 especially if there’s something unique about the office that you can share.

That way, they can get to “know” you, and this in turn will help to foster like and trust.


Make full use of the different options on social media when making a post. Asking questions is a great way to foster engagement.


Because asking a question makes people think. And then they have to answer you by commenting on your post.

Asking questions also helps your followers find solutions to their problems, either from your answers or the replies from others.

Alternatively, it can help you get feedback – regarding your Page, posts, products, or services.

So you want to ask questions and invite your followers to answer – or even to ask more questions in return if they have any.


 Playing safe on social media is overrated.

One look at this picture, and you already know what it is. Switch up your posts by utilizing polarity and even controversy to get more engagements.

Your audience is flooded with posts that look and sound the same, and these types of posts will net you a huge response.

Just remember that the photo needs to be something related to your niche or brand for best results.

TIP: If you want, you could turn it into a caption contest, and offer something for the best caption.


a person started a contest on instagram

Here is an example of a big blogger anil agarwal who posted a giveaway contest where he could increase his reach with the help of his followers in return he would give them some prizes

This can be a very effective way to increase your reach by offering your followers something free in exchange for their help with growing your business.


Imran khan presenting award to Ismail blogger for his archiement

The average person has the potential to go through their entire life without meeting a celebrity.

So if you happen to be a seminar junkie, or you meet a celebrity from your industry, it’d be a great idea to share a photo of your meeting with your fans.

Add a short story about how the meeting impacted you or what you learned from the person.

The more well-loved and famous the person is within your niche, the more engagement you’ll be able to get.


Everyone wants to feel appreciated – especially your faithful followers. Make sure to thank them for their loyalty to you in your posts.

abdul rafay appreciate Mansi Sondhi to sharing his post


  • Posting a photo/video of something they requested (example: a solution to a problem).
  • Acknowledging them in a video/post.
  • Offering your regular followers (people who interact a lot with your posts and videos) a special gift/free offer.


QNA poll run on Facebook group by abdul rafay

Give your fans the opportunity to speak with you, ask you questions, or share their stories with you.

You could consider holding something like a “Fan Friday” weekly event on your Page, for example, where you answer questions from your followers.

Alternatively, make use of the Live feature across Facebook, Instagram or even TikTok to hold a Q&A with everyone, where you share information and invite them to ask you questions.

Remember, your social media page shouldn’t be all about you. 

Invite your followers to submit questions and content as well, and take the time to respond to comments.

 They’ll love it as much as they’ll enjoy spending time building a relationship with you.


It’s odd, but social media users really seem to love fill-in-the-blank posts.

Instead of asking questions, you may consider making a post inviting your followers to fill in the blanks. Sometimes, these posts receive even more engagement than a regular question.

TIP: When posting fill-in-the-blanks questions or sentences, keep it

simple and relatable. It should be something that people can answer

without having to think too much about it. The easier it is for a person to interact with your content, the more engagement you’ll get.


throwback posts of ratan tata

Throwback posts are basically posts that refer to something that happened about 2-3 years before.

Most people really love nostalgia and going back in time, looking back at how things used to be.

This is why throwback Thursday (#tbt) posts, Flashback Friday or “Remember when…” posts tend to do very well across social media.

For best results, you’ll want to share something personal if you can.

People love posts where they can see exactly how things used to be and how far you’ve come since then.


If you’re in the same timezone as most of your followers, then this is something you can definitely do.

Post a photo with a pretty background and wish your followers a “Good morning!” or “Good night!” (Naturally, make sure your post goes out at the appropriate time as well!)

Seeing positive, beautiful images like these can really brighten a person’s day – 
which in turn can help generate great engagement for you. 
If you’re not the type to post “Have a beautiful day!”, then consider posting something motivational or humorous (or both, if you can pull that off)!


Abdul rafay giving an offer to his linkediN connections

One thing that followers will really love and appreciate from you is a special or exclusive offer.

Offering your fans a discount, giveaway or sneak peek is a great way to boost engagement.

It’s also a way to show your followers that you appreciate them and their support, and to provide them with great value in return.

TIP: Keep in mind that brands that offer coupons and promotions on social media tend to receive 78% more consumer interaction on their posts.



While the majority of your posts can be about providing value to your Page, it can definitely be fun to mix things up once in a while.

Throw in a few riddles and puzzles in your post content once in a while, just to get people thinking – and then interacting once they’ve figured out the answer!

You’ll also get more click-throughs – even if just from people who want to scan the comments for the solution!


Keep your social media pages in the loop by finding out the latest relevant topics that are happening globally and referencing them in your posts.

This is an example of what we did to honor the death of Kobe Bryant.

Please don’t get it twisted when we use this as an example! I’m not talking- ing about riding on the death of someone to stay relevant, 

but rather..

showing that you are aware of what is happening, are responding to it in a humane way, and letting your audience know how impactful a person was in your life.

30. MEMES posts

a meme post about seo

Memes are basically images that are used to convey certain expressions, opinions, thoughts, jokes, and so on.

Remember that your followers are likely to hang out on social media often, which means that they will know memes.

Find out the current popular memes, and find a way to adapt them to fit your niche. Then post memes related to your business, brand

, or company.



Meme Generator (https://memegenerator.net/)

Imgflip Meme Generator (https://imgflip.com/memegenerator)

Makeameme.org (https://makeameme.org/memegenerator)


And there you have it! 30 absolutely awesome social media post ideas and strategies that will go a long way to helping you boost your likes/reactions, comments, and

shares with your influencer friends – for FREE!

With these ideas, you won’t have to pay to boost your posts –

but you’ll get the followers and reach that you’ve been craving all this time.

Want to accelerate your social media marketing so you can take your business and brand to the next level.

Have any question or start a friendly conversation please let me know in the comment box I will be happy to talk with you

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