How To Setup Google Analytics on Blogspot’s New-Interface | Complete Guide

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Do you know about Google Analytics?  And…

How can we set up a Google Analytics account on the new interface of Blogspot?

If your answer is no then set back and Chillax because this complete will let you know about each and everything about google analytics + full setup guide on Blogspot.

Before we go into the details of the setup, first we should understand that what is Google Analytics and how it can helpful for a blog?

What Is Google Analytics ?

It is a web analytics service offered by Google for tracking and reporting a website’s traffic at no any cost. 

Google Analytics is an essential tool for Search engine optimization (SEO)  as well as marketing purposes.

By using Google Analytics, website owners will be able to figure out where their readers are coming from and what they are exploring on their websites.

Google analytics also helped me to increase my 60% of blog traffic.

Now the question that arises is how Google Analytics works? & how it would be better than Blogspot builtin Stat system

Google Analytics uses the Analytics web property ID to track how users interact with websites. 

Why Do Google Analytics Stats Differ from Blogger Stats?

Surely a question arises in your mind: if we have a built-in visitors tracking system in Blogspot, then why should we use Google Analytics?

The prettiest answer is below!

  1. The tracking system used by Google Analytics is completely different from the blogspot stat system. 

According to the study, Google Analytics statistics are generally more accurate (which is true)


  1. blogspot stats count every crawl of your site as a pageview. This is not really a real user and these aren’t really page views. 
  1. Google Analytics has an artificial intelligence mechanism that identifies users according to their behavior
  1. Google Analytics calculates the goal conversion rate based on the percentage of visitors who took a action after visiting that blog post on their first visit.
  1. This is a particularly interesting blog metric to track because it is an indication of how your posts contribute to overall departmental and company objectives.

There are many other examples available but these points proved that google analytics is more powerful than any stats mechanism 

Now! You don’t need to get bored, because it’s time to learn how to set up this amazing AI tool with your Blogspot blog

How To Signup Google Analytics Account

  1. The very first step is Go to the Google Analytics & sign up with your gmail Account 
Google analytics pointing ion start measuring button
  1. Click of start measuring button and link your google account
procedure of creating account on google analytics
  1. Here you have to enter some basic information like Name , Account name , Website Name & etc
analytics account setup procedure
  1. After inserting basic information add property information like; property Name , Timezone , currency & etc
google analytics property name setup
  1. After filling following information click on next button
google analytics business size and industry catagory setup
  1. After click on next you will move on the About your Business Page  where you have to Select Industry Name Pick Business size  , Select these according to your business requirements 
google analytics settings for initial setup
  1. At last click on Create button
agree terms and conditions of google analytics
  1. Read and accept all terms and conditions
agree terms and conditions of google analytics
  1. At last click on the “i accept” button and hurrah! you have done it! You have successfully created your google analytics account

After taken these steps, you need to create a property that you will have to link to your blogger account.

For that,

  1. Click on settings “icon” below left side & click on admin then data streams
google analytics dashboard
Creating property on google analytics
  1. After that click on “web ”
inserting Blogspot url on google analytics to connect property
  1. Insert your blog URL and name you stream (stream name should be your blog name)
copying code from google analytics
  1. After completing these step at last click on “global site tag (gtag.js)” and copy appropriate JS code
copying code

Google Analytics has now finished. The last step will be to paste the copied code into your Blogspot blog 

For That,

How To Copy Google Analytics Code In Blogspot (Blogger):

This is quite an easy step to do 

  1. First of all go to  

Do Not have a Blogspot account? Here is the complete setup of Blogspot (blog)

on Blogspot dashboard clicking on theme
  1. At the left sidebar Click on themes
on Blogspot dashboard clicking on customize
  1. Pick the option of Edit HTML
click on edit html
  1. Pate google analytics copied  code before the closing head tag “</head>”
  1. After pasting your code click on save button
pasting code and saving theme settings on blogspot
  1. Hurrah! You have done .. now you just have to go to your google analytics account and check your traffic status
checking google analytics stats

Final Words 

I hope you have learned a lot from this guide.

Hope you have enjoyed it.

I probably missed many things which I need to cover.

In case I missed anything, please let me know in the comments section and also let me know how you make use of google analytics.

I am waiting for your comments … Till Then TaDa!!

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