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Want to increase your email list? But how?

In order to collect email addresses, there are a number of ways you can run campaigns or provide a paid tool for free, or you can give people an e-book for free.

Although these methods work externally with your website you can say it is an off-page Seo 


when a visitor lands on your website how you can convert them to a subscriber?

For that, you have to set up an email popup on your site 😊

But in Blogspot it could be very difficult to add email popups because Blogspot does not support plugins like WordPress 😲

Relax! You needn’t worry because I’m going to tell you.

If you add an email popup in your Blogspot blog, then every time a user visits your blog, he will be greeted with an amazing popup.  

According to the study, the average conversion rate for pop-ups is 3.09%, and top pop-ups have almost 10% conversion rates.

It means if your blog has 100 hits per day, then you may collect 10 emails per day wow it sounds good 😊😀 

Using this technique, you can build up your email list, and indirectly in increases your blog’s traffic also

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Benefits of Adding Email subscription popup:

  1. Blog readers and subscribers will increase significantly
  2. Subscribers will be automatically updated every time you publish a new post.
  3. It can reduce bounce rate and increase the number of returning visitors.
  4. You get mailing list-building solutions and flexible email marketing for free.
  5. By doing so, your brand will be more visible over the internet.

How do I add an email popup in blogger (blogspot)?

It is quite easy to add email subscriptions in  WordPress by Using plugins like Mailchimp, convert kit and other services but when it comes to blogger then it would be difficult to add email popups.

In blogspot blog, you can show a pop-up using custom CSS & HTML, but you will get plenty of error messages doing so.

  1. You will frustrate your users since custom coding will not let you control the number of pop-up in blogger
  2. You can not manage subscribed user because there would not be any admin panel
  3. You can not track user’s behavior in custom coding & there would be a bunch of problems you might face while setup custom email subscription popups

However, I will share a free email popup builder that will simplify your work 

The name of that popup builder is poptin. The shocking thing about poptin is that along with the email subscription popup, there are other lead generation templates available as well.

Who is Poptin – Why helpful for Bloggers?

Poptin is a lead generation platform like Mailchimp, Convertkit, etc where you can generate your leads in order to  increase your email list subscribers

Poptin’s most shocking feature is along with WordPress setup, you can install it on any Blogspot blog for free. 

Features of poptin:

  1. Poptin helps you collect feedback from visitors, get your visitors to complete surveys, and offer people more content they’ll be interested in.
  2. The right pop-ups can increase subscription rates several times.
  3. It will Improve conversion rates by offering visitors relevant offers based on their unique behavior.
  4. Poptin offers to Customize pop-ups and delivers the message exactly when it’s necessary.
  5. It offers Embedded forms for website collection and easy integration

How To Setup Subscription Email newsletter in Blogspot:

In very straightforward steps, I will show you how to add a subscription popup to your blog.

  1. The very first step is to go through poptin official site and signup your account for free
poptin account login
  1. After successful signup, you will see the above interface on poptin. In the below-given options, you have to select a plan which you want to use and set up your account 
select plan
  1. On the next screen, you have to choose “Grow Email List” and select any popup email template which you want. As you can see, I have attached a GIF image in order to help you out in this process. The gif image below shows the steps which you have to follow, so once you finish them you will see the code, which you will have to copy and paste on your site
making popup
  1. Hurrah you have done! However, the final step is to add the poptin generated code into your blogger. For your convenience, I have attached an animated gif as well. Just copy/paste the code before the closing </head> tag.
paste code in blogspot

For a free account, you will get 1000 visitors per month and if you go over that, you have to buy the premium version.

Do not hesitate to buy this tool since it has a bunch of features

I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know your thoughts about this post so I can make further improvements to it in the future. If you have any questions or arguments, please mention them in the comment box below 

Till Then Tada!

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