The Descriptive Guide Of Off-Page SEO | Latest Off-Page SEO Techniques In 2021

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 Along with the On-page And Technical SEO Off-Page SEO also important!

In this technological era, everyone wants to earn money online, where blogging is the best way of earning a handsome amount of money

I am sure in your family or in  friends circle someone is earning a good amount of money from online.

so why not you!

it’s very easy to making money, but online? there should be a skill for earning online. So, when we talk about blogging site’s easy to make money by starting a simple blog and writing a meaningful article for your reader.

 but wait!  there is some problem!

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The problem is !

If you want to make money from blogging there should be a good amount of traffic on your blog, so for that, we have the worst field Called SEO

Here are 2 types of SEO first one is On-Page Seo and the second one is Off-Page or Off-site Seo. Today we will talk about off-site SEO.

What Is Off-Page Seo:

Off-Page SEO is also known as off-site. The basic difference between on-Page SEO and off-page SEO is, On-page SEO that is done within the site like; Keywords Placement, Linking, descriptions, and other settings. and off-page SEO deals with off-site settings like Link building, Bookmarking, social sharing, and others. 

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on-page vs off-page

Why Off-Page Seo Is So Important: 

Off-page Seo is as important as on-page SEO. because it tells the search engine about the authority of the site. it is simply hard-working to prove your site is best all around the web by applying some strategies. And making your social presence in order to raise your site credibility and rank.

By comparing many factors of off-page and on-page SEO, search engines decide how valuable pages are for the search queries and return relevant results accordingly;

There are many similar websites on the internet so how a search engine can major these sites? so here concept of backlinks, More backlinks on your site more chance of ranking (keep in mind backlinking also comes under the off-page SEO)

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Off-Page SEO Strategies: 

There are many strategies that can be followed by different kinds of SEO experts. but today I will share with you my own working strategies which worked for me. Hence I have made an effective checklist for you peoples should aim at in your SEO endeavors.

(1) Link Building Strategies:

Link building in Off-Page SEO is very essential strategy that is followed by all successful SEO Experts. before going to how we can create an effective link for our project firstly we should be cleared about what is link building?

What is Link Building In 0ff-Page SEO: 

Link building is simply a process where your site is linked by another site in order to increase your site value or authority is called link building. it is also known as backlinking. It is the important tactic that can be used by many SEO experts as well as a ranking the factor of search engine.

But some SEO noobs believe that link building is only a factor while working on that we will be able to rank your site. bu it’s not at all

according to the recent twitter of Google’s Webmaster trend analyst John Mueller says in 202 it’s not the most important factor of off-page SEO

google annouce of link building

Generally link Building links is difficult and very time-consuming process. link from the high-authority website greater impact on a SERP than a link from a newly built website, but high-quality links making not kid’s play. so in this post i will would tell you how you can create a quality backlink? for your site.

How To Build Quality Backlink For My Website: 

There are some proven ways that are used by successful influencers and SEO Experts. The very first method to build a quality site is 

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is one of the best method for link building, via guest posting you have to write a piece of content for any site and in the return that particular site will award you a quality Do-Follow backlink (Keep in mind Do-Follow Backlink is good for your website).

guest posting

How to find guest posting Accepter Blog For link building?

The only best and proven way to find a guest posting accepting blog is to go to at the search bar of google type (your keyword” “guest post”) and hit the enter button.

you’ll find thousands of link which accept guest post now request the website owner and write down a post for him and request him to publish your post on his/her site.

Comments Link Building:

This is an old but gold method of link building for your site. This is known as the most common form of link building. Comment backlinking is a technique where you have to write comments other’s blogs and attached your blog link is called comment backlinking.

Now days Almost every blog has an option of commenting where they ask you for your name some times the email address and your” “WEBSITE URL”. Once you fill all the fields and Click on the submit button, the comment goes under review after reviewing your comment will publish with your website URL.

Note: Keep in mind don’t be making so many commenting backlinks because it can be considered as spam in the eye of google

Directory Submission:

Directory submission is another process of link building. it is the practice of submitting your website URL on the related category and submit it into the internet web directory.

Directory submission is the best way that helps to improve your link building. it is an off-page factor that helps to optimize your webpage.

you will find a huge number of directory submission websites over the internet.
you can also download the list of top directory submission sites

Note: keep in mind that do not make more than 5 backlinks per day, otherwise it will be considered as a spamming by google and your rank will go down.

There are so many other ways for link building like forum link building, the question, and answers but these top methods used by me for effective link building.

(2) Build Your Social Presence:

This is one of the major factor of off-page SEO is to build your social presence. some times it is known as social bookmarking means to bookmark your presence over social networks.

This is the era of social media most of users and blog traffic usually come from social media by seeing that now this has become an essential factor of off-page SEO over the search engines.

Social bookmarking is also a great way to drive a handsome amount of traffic for your website or blog. There are hundreds of social bookmarking platforms available that helps the users to make their presence more strong over the internet.

whenever you bookmarked more so it indicates good signals to search engines that the content written on that website is good so it can be more chances to your websites to rank higher. This can be beneficial for initial website traffic.

Top 5 Social Bookmarking Sites: 

There are tons of social bookmarking sites but here is my favorite social networks that actually worked for my ranking.

(1) Facebook:

According to the recent study that 48% of Facebook users have a great impact on their purchasing behavior as compared to other social media. Facebook is a giant where millions of relative community are present. In order to make your social presence strong,

I strongly recommend you to create a Facebook page related to your brand or blog niche and be regular their and acknowledge your users about new updates. 

(2) LinkedIn:

LinkedIn also is known as the biggest social media platform which have more than 500 million daily users. The best thing on LinkedIn is, it is full of the Loyal community. my 20% blog traffic comes from the LinkedIn platform.

In LinkedIn, you have two options to build your social presence. The first one is strong your profile by building your connection with the related community and 2nd one is you can also create a page on LinkedIn like Facebook.

(3) Medium:

Medium is known as the world’s best content distribution platform. Here you will get the opportunity to repost your content without the fare of duplication.

Basically, you can repost your existing blog post on medium and drive a lot of traffic from the medium.

Medium is another blog CMS platform like blogger, WordPress and  Wix where you can share your content with relevant readers, The best thing of the medium is that, medium provides you to republish your existing blog post by placing canonical Tag on that link (canonical Tag give you to permission to republish your same content on different laces with Copywrite duplication).


medium post

This link shows the canonical tag on the link.

(4) Pinterest: 

Pinterest is also known as a great social bookmarking site over the internet, you can also drive a handsome amount of traffic from Pinterest.

it is an image sharing platform where you can create your boards and pins and redirect your user on your website via attractive images.

At that time Pinterest has published up to 180 billion pins. you can also make your website board on Pinterest in order to strengthen your social presence.

(5) Twitter :

Twitter is a great platform for massive amounts of traffic as well as it greatly works for the ranking purpose on search engines.

There are a huge number of peoples who use twitter for post links, content, and images sharing, you can also attach related keyword as a #Tag of twitter in order to rank your targeted keyword on the search engine as well

(3) Document Sharing:

Document sharing is another off-page SEO technique that helps you to submit your documents on another website with the intension of generate a handsome amount of traffic from that document, Document sharing is also another technique to build a quality backlink for your site.


document sharing off-page seo

If you have an educational blog where you upload your notes in the form of PDF, PPT or Docs so this technique will greatly works for you. 

Document sharing technique involves submitting your documents on another website which accept document submission (most of the the website accepts the document in the form of PDF, DOC, and ppt).

You can also make a backlink for your site via document sharing:

(1) Name your document file (doc, pdf, ppt) as a the targeted keyword of your post lik” “Off-Page SEO Ranking Factor” “

(2) Add your secondary keyword inside your document file and try to add your website link on that document because along with the article google and many search engines also read inside the content of the document.

(3) if the file-sharing platform has an option of the description so, add a detailed description for your document and add your post link if possible (so as to make quality backlink).

Top Document Sharing Websites:

  1. SlideShare: The most popular document sharing website is Slideshare, here you can share your PDF and PPTs in the form of slides. The best thing about Slideshare is you may also give the proper credits to your blog this will result in more traffic on your site.
  2. Scribd: This is also one of the most popular document sharing platform over the internet. with Scribd, you can share your infographic images, PDFs, docs, and ppt files as is a famous digital library you can also share audio files on Scribd.
  3. Issuu: it allows us to digitally share and publish your work with the worldwide community. You can also get a satisfactory amount of traffic from issue.
  4. DocShare: Along with all document sharing websites there should be a name of a popular website called Docshare. This is another document-sharing website where you can build your own profile and share your document with the relevant community.
  5. Box: Last but not lease, a document-sharing website is Box. like other websites, you can share your worked file on BOX too.

(4) Image Sharing/ Submission:

Now a days everyone wants a quality backlink for their sites. so image sharing is one of the best and genuine methods to do that, 

Via image sharing, you can promote your brand, increase product promotion, and brand awareness. as we heard that a “a picture is worth a thousand words” 

Because an image is the best way to express our ideas and emotions, it can easily be used for promotional purposes. Instead of creating spammy links, photos are better to use for various online fields.

you can check the images sharing website link here

How image Sharing Better For Seo?

There are bunches of privileges of image sharing but some of the major benefits I will discuss in this post

Creation of Backlinks:

The most major merits of image sharing over the internet are that it can be a way of making quality backlinks for your site. whenever you try to share your image on any image sharing platform like Pinterest, so it awards you a no-follow or do-follow backlink (as you know making quality backlinks are good for your site )

Source Of Traffic:

Image sharing can be a source of traffic when you publish your image on an image sharing platform like Pinterest so whenever users find you on Pinterest so it is a more chance by the user to click on your image and redirect on to your site.
so keep on publishing images, it can be the result of a huge increase in your site traffic 

Increase your website authority:

while sharing images you will be awarded quality backlinks for your site which will increase your website authority as well. Once you get success to achieve a good website authority then you will see good the good growth results from the research engines


Let’s conclude the whole article in a few words. The off-page SEO also works in 2021 it is performed the outside of your website it helps us to improve ranking on the SERPs. A recent study said that Off-Page SEO makes up to 75% of a good marketing strategy. I have covered all the main factors of off-page SEO you should follow it to

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the below comments box. we are just friends let’s start a conversation as to make our relationship stronger. Thanks for being here 🙂


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