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Do you know that selecting a perfect theme for your blog is also an good SEO Practice? in which many beginners are doing mistakes

Along with the rest of the SEO settings, the theme also affect your rankings

For that reason, the themes that you choose should be well structured for the search engines as well as user friendly

Maybe you have a question in your mind that why should i think before selecting my blog’s template?

If you have a little time then let me tell you my personal story

Once I used a template that had all the basic functionality like it was Seo friendly, well Speed optimized, user friendly


one thing which is missed on my theme  was Data markup schemas

Which diminished my rankings and I was stuck with the serious ranking issue “ schema deprecated and not supported by Google anymore. Please migrate to using types

this issue was called breadcrumbs issue at that time

So in this post, I will tell you how you can research and select the perfect theme for your Blogspot blog

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Things should See Before Selecting Blogger Theme

several things that you must keep in your mind before selecting a template for your Blogspot (blog)

This might be schema markup structures or maybe mobile-friendliness, load speed, good design, SEO optimized and many things

let’s cover them one by one

Schema Markups: (often called Schema) is a semantic vocabulary of tags that can add to your HTML to improve the way search engines read and represent your page in SERPs (source:

This is very first thing that you must see before selecting a theme for your blog otherwise it will hurt your site and your SEO efforts in the long run

Required Schemas for blogger theme

  • Blog posting Schema: It is the Blog post level of schema it helps the crawler to identify blog post and the CreativeWork such as an image, video, or audio clip
  • Breadcrumbs list Schema: This Schema help the user to understand and navigate a website hierarchy (I also faced “Data vocabulary schema error” because of this schema was absent from my blog )
  • Hatom Schema: hAtom is a draft Microformat for marking up (X)HTML, it uses classes and rel “attributes”, content on web pages that contain blog entries or similar chronological content. This will help the crawler for the syndication of content
  • Article Schema: It tells the search engine about your site’s content like is it a (news article, investigated report, etc and Many More)

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How to Check schema Markups in Theme?

you just have to paste your blogger link on google’s structure Data Testing Tool in order to check available schemas on your theme

checking schema data in theme

Just copy your blogger link and click on the “run test” button. after the completion of the test, schemas will show up on the right side of your screen.

check schema data in theme

Here you can see all available schema of your blogger theme make sure the above-described schemas are must available on your blogger template otherwise you will have to change it.

Fast Loading:

Speed plays a very important role in Search engine rankings it will affect the user experience

Be careful before selecting a template for your blog  ensure it has the best loading speed

After December 2020 Google has officially announced in their summit that loading page speed is now a ranking factor by saying that more than half of visits are abandoned if a mobile page takes over 3 seconds to load.

google announcement on mobile responsiveness

How to Check Page Load Speed Of Blogger Template

you can use GtMatrix and PageSpeed Insights for speed Check checking purpose

Just go to you blog copy “URL” and paste it on any of above-mentioned speed checker tool and click on “analyze” button

speed check in google speed insights

make sure your webpage speed should not below 60% otherwise, it will affect your rankings.

Theme Should Be Mobile Friendly:

On the stating of 21 April 2015 google has officially announced that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor and this change will affect all mobile searches in all languages worldwide (can read further documentation Here)

i already talked in my On-Page Seo post that mobile responsiveness is now ranking factor of search engines

Mobile friendly theme layout

It means that your website should adjust its size accordingly to mobile and other types of screens.

Even though Google has a different level of crawlers to crawl mobile phone version of any website

Please ensure the theme you select works on all screen sizes and is mobile friendly

How To Check Theme For Mobile Friendliness:

it is quite easy to check your theme because Google has provided a tool named “Rich Result Test” it is a bot of google who manually approach your website and check for mobile responsiveness

Mobile responsiveness test of blogger theme

just put your blog’s URL on it and click the “Test URL” button – But make sure you have selected Googlebot smartphone otherwise it will check the desktop version of your theme

Mobile responsiveness Test

As you can see, I got a message that “Page is eligible for rich results” it means the theme which I am using is completely mobile-friendly, ensure you also receive the same responsive message when your turns come

User Friendly Theme

There is nothing a big difference between a user-Friendly theme and a mobile-friendly theme both works on the same motive called user experience

Make sure your theme delivers the best user experience that anyone who visits your site will impress and leave a positive experience

According to the study when a visitor land on a site then he has only a minute to decide whether to bounce from there or staying there

for that make sure the starting look of your site must be good

In order to built a better user experience you have to work on three things

  1. Scalability
  2. Clean Navigation
  3. Easy To read


This term works on responsiveness your site must be sizeable according to different screen sizes it works on something as large as a full-size Screen or as small as a phone.

Clean Navigation:

Try To Make an easy-to-use navigation bar because it is a key factor for providing a good user experience. When building your navigation bar keep these three rules in your mind

  • Alignment – All the elements lined up correctly
  • Readability – Entire text is easy to read
  • Functionality – your drop-down lists work correctly

Easy To read:

Ensure your site contains clean format text .it should not be too small to read otherwise google will through an error “Text too small to read” it usually occurs when your site text is less than “12px” size

The text should not be too close because it might be difficult for visitors to click any link

These three thing must keep in your mind before selecting a theme

Secure Theme:

The most important factor while selecting a theme for your blog is theme security I noticed that many bloggers are not talking about security while selecting a blogger theme


many newbies bloggers are using nulled theme are trying to scam premium themes for free

i strongly forbid you to not do this because it might have inbuilt scripts that can affect your site

So be eschew from these Nulled themes and paid themes for free offers

Theme Which I Recommend For Blogspot Blog:

The theme which i always recommend to my users is S-Mag Blogspot (Blog) template

This template is developed by the largest theme development company sora template

if you are looking for the best, responsive, mobile-friendly & rich data structured then this theme is a perfect fit for your Blogspot blog (i am personally using this theme )

S-mag is a freemium (paid & free versions) template. in the free version, the template has footer credits in the paid version you will have to pay a decent amount of money in order to remove footer credits and theme live support

you can easily setup Smag template on your Blogspot (Blogspot) you just have to perform some basic steps for that. you can also read the full Smag blogger setup guide here

Practical Setup Guide OF S-mage Theme:

Features of Smag Blogger Template:

  •  The theme has a simple design
  • Fast Loading
  • Responsive template
  • Complete SEO friendly template
  • Ads Ready & Retina Ready
  • clean Drop Down & navigation Menu
  • Social Bookmark Ready
  • Each Browser Compatibility template
  • Red, Black & Yellow inbuilt colors
  • WhatsApp Sharing option
  • 1 Right Sidebar

You can use Smag Theme for Following Blogs:

  • Magazine blog
  • News Blog
  • Technology Blog
  • Blogger Simple Blog
  • Fashion Blog
  • Tech Blog

Final Thought :

i know there are many other things that I have missed while discussing the theme.


i just discussed here the things which will negatively affect your SEO efforts so make sure the above-written checkpoint must be present on your theme before selecting it for your blog

kindly drop your question or feedback in the comment box I will reply to you within 24 hours & also let me know whether this post is helpful for you or not?

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