How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop – 5 Best Methods

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If you are an Asus laptop user and looking for how to screenshot on Asus laptop then you are on the right page. In this article, you’ll find out how to take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop, and many laptop users believe that taking a screenshot is different from laptop to laptop.

Is it true? Let’s see!

We will discuss some major methods for taking a screenshot on Asus laptop. The following methods can be used to take screenshots of any Windows-powered Asus Laptop.  

So let’s get started. There are various techniques to take a screenshot on Asus laptop.

This method of taking a screenshot on your ASUS laptop will work on any Windows release, and it’s great for older laptops too.

However, on newer Windows 8 and Windows 10 models, you can actually take a screenshot in a simpler way than this.

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How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop:

  • You must first press the PrtSc key on your keyboard in order to capture a screenshot on an Asus laptop. This will activate the print screen feature.
keyboard printscr key
  • You will then enter your screenshot into some kind of editor, and you can also use Photoshop software to do this.
  • Following that, you will open both of the software programs you want to use and press the shortcut Ctrl+V, and your screenshot will be successfully saved to your Asus laptop
How To Screenshot On Asus Laptop

Using this method, you can capture quality images on your ASUS laptop as well. Just to remind you, this method works with any Windows release and is also suitable for old laptops. 

How to take a screenshot on Asus laptop Windows 10

It’s better not to waste your time saving or pasting screenshots. However, if you really have to take a screenshot on your Asus laptop running Windows 10. It’s as simple as pressing the PrtSc key and Windows key simultaneously.

The following method will allow you to capture a nice screenshot of your full ASUS screen.  Your screenshot can also be found by accessing your screenshots folder in your files or documents.

With this method, we will show you how to take a screenshot of the full screen of an Asus laptop running Windows 10. 

One other advantage of this method is that you can take a screenshot of just a specific part of the screen as well as a full screenshot. 

How to take a customized screenshot on your Asus laptop 

You can also use the snipping tool to select the part of the screen you want to capture when taking a screenshot of your Asus laptop. Rather than getting the entire page, this feature allows you to isolate parts of the screen.

locating sniping tool for assus laptop screenshoting

By pressing the Windows key, Shift, and S keys at the same time, you can apply this method only on Windows 10. To take a screenshot, you can use the touchpad or mouse to select a portion of the screen. Although it depends on your ASUS laptop model, pressing Fn or F11 might do the trick too.

How do you take a screenshot on Asus laptop using shortcut keys

Now we are going to discuss the method of taking a screenshot on an Asus laptop using shortcut keys. These keys also make your work even simple and good.

There are also a few other shortcuts to an Asus laptop. Like  Fn+F12=MyASUS this key is very useful on an Asus laptop. Perhaps the most useful shortcut key on an ASUS laptop.

F5 Using F6 together with another key makes launching commands simple. These shortcut keys are essential on an ASUS laptop.  

location f5 and f6 keys on laptop

Take a screenshot on Asus laptop by using Browser Extensions 

If you have an ASUS laptop, you want to capture screenshots of web pages. Your web browser must have an extension that enables you to capture screenshots. The extension store offers several types of extensions that offer different screenshot methods and formats.

But i offer light shot (screenshot tool)

lightshot extension for google chrome screenshot

Note: you can use any other screenshotting extension 

Taking a Screenshot of an Asus laptop With Cursor Enabled

All the methods I mentioned except one the cursor enabled. When using this method, you will easily capture a screenshot on your ASUS laptop. 

You must follow some steps of this method: 

  • You can only obtain a screenshot with the cursor enabled by using a built-in Windows application called Steps Recorder. The best way to open the app search is to open the Windows search bar and click on the top result.
scrennshot software locating
  • Open a compact Steps Recorder window by clicking this.
  • As it automatically records the screen on which you are clicking with your cursor as well as the position where you are clicking, this program is commonly used while creating guides.
  • This method allows you to add an app as well as a little description accompanied with each screenshot to provide you with more information.
  • Click the Stop Record button when you are done taking the screenshot.
  • All recorded steps will now be presented in the form of a quick guide.

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Screenshots on an Asus laptop using the Snipping Tool:

The Snipping Tool also allows you to edit your screenshot, so we highly recommend you try it out. A screenshot of your Asus laptop can be taken using Microsoft Windows’ Snapping tool, a desktop app available for all versions of Windows.

Here are some basic steps you must follow by using this tool:

  • On the left-hand side of the keyboard, press the Windows key.
  • In the search bar of Windows, type snipping tool.
  • Open the snipping tool app by clicking on it.
  • If you want a rectangular snip, click on (New) or the arrow next to (Mode) to choose a different type of screenshot
  • Drawing a free-form shape around the area you want to capture on your screen is a very simple way to snip
  • A rectangular section of any size can be selected by dragging the Cursor onto your screen.
  • When you click on the windows that you want to include in your screenshot, you need to click on them in order to get the active windows in your screenshot. 
  • Get a screenshot of your full screen by taking a screenshot.
  • To save a screenshot, you must press (Ctrl+S) on your keyboard, and then in the pop-up window that appears, you can save the screenshot, and the name that you give the screenshot can be whatever you wish. You can choose a folder where you want to save the file, as well as what type of file you want to save it as (PNG, GIF, JPEG, or MHT).

How to Take a Screenshot on an Asus Laptop Using Lightshot

Lightshot is a tool or application that can be used on an ASUS PC or laptop to take a picture with good features. All you have to do if you want to take a screenshot would be to just download the light shot tool for your laptop. This is an excellent application for taking screenshots.

The following steps will show you how to take a screenshot on an Asus laptop using Lightshot:

  • Take a screenshot of the page or window you want to capture.
  • On your Taskbar, look for the Lightshot icon hidden among the hidden icons.
  • Select the area you wish to capture by dragging the cursor. The bottom right corner of your selection will display a selection of tools for editing and sharing your screenshot.


You can take a screenshot on an ASUS laptop by using these simple methods. It is up to you to choose which method will help you take the perfect screenshot on your ASUS laptop. 

I personally prefer the Lightshot (screenshot) extension and the Snipping Tool method, but both of these are quite easy to use.

Now that you know how to screenshot on an ASUS laptop, I am sure you will be able to capture pretty good screenshots. Feel free to let us know your questions via the comment section below or by email.


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