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Nowadays every person wants to make money online & you also want to make money by uploading files? 

It seems nowadays you have many options of earning money online, and many of those methods are easy.

Many people make thousands of rupees each year through the PPD site by uploading their files there


Here we’ll explain how to make money from such sites in an effortless and simple manners.

Yes! i earned $15000 from one platform

It’s relatively easy in 2021 to earn a handsome amount of money from online platform

So today, we will discuss one of the straightforward methods to  making money online by uploading files.

If you have any youtube channel or have any blog website that provides downloading files for users, then this post is for you. 

If you don’t have a blog the here is  complete Blogspot Course For Free Entirely Designed On New Interface

let’s give a look toward the PPD sites (pay per download sites) which are verified & which will pay you up to 1$ per 100

Top Websites To Earn Money By Uploading Files:

My top four PPD sites here may give you 1$ per 100 downloads.

  1. DLUpload:   

DLUpload is known as a No#1 Pay Per  Download & Uploading Platform.

 I added this website as my first choice because I have worked with this site

So let me share with you my personal experience regarding DLUpload.

This website pays up to 70$ dollars per 10000 downloads. The more you get the downloads, the more you will earn!

Your earning rates depend upon the country’s geography as well From where you got downloads 

Note: you can check Earning Rates

The website provides 4 easy ways to make money by uploading files. 

  1. Create Your Account
  2. Upload Your Files
  3. Share your link
  4. Start  making money
  5. DLUplaod dashboard 

Features Of DLUpload:

  1. Cloud Storage:  

They understand how important and sensitive is your file! That’s why DLUpload using SSD cloud servers to store your data for better reliability and faster performance. This thing of DLUplaod inspired me

  1.  Quick Payout:                 

DLUplaod provides quick and easy payout Methods. The minimum payout is 5$. You can request Payout by PayPal (Worldwide), Payoneer(Worldwide), Paytm(India), and eSewa(Nepal), etc. 

  1. Super Speed:  

This website provides very fast uploading and downloading speed. Uploading servers are located in multiple locations across 30+ countries that give better downloading Speed to every user in any country!

  1. Best Payout Methods:

The minimum Payout of DLUpload is 5$. You can withdraw your earnings by using several methods. DLUplaod supports Pay pal, Paytm, Payoneer, E-Sewa as payment methods. 

5- Payment will issue Within Working 24 Hours 


This comes under one of the best uploading sites with decent payout rates.

I keep this site as my second choice. Because this website provides a very high downloading speed, that’s why users have not to wait for a long time.

You just need to upload your files and share the respective link with your visitors and start making money from this amazing PPD uploading site.  

You can also upload your file by using the drag & drop option on this website. 

UP-load .io uploadfile

Features Of

  1. 50 GB Of Free Storage: 

All Users Can Get 50 Free Space And Upload Pdf, ZIP, APK, EXE, And All Other Files.

  1. Unlimited Upload Speed: 

 All users can upload with unlimited speed no matter the size of the files you’re uploading. 

  1. Unlimited Download Speed: 

We Not Strict Download Speed. So all Peoples Can Download Any Files at Any Time With Maximum Download Speed 

  1. Share Direct Links:

Upload Your Files And Share With Your Friends And Family and Get Money. You Got 15% Referral Earnings. 

  1. Latest And Easy Payout Methods: provide You the very latest and secure payout methods 

  1. Minimum Payout Is 5$  

only for PayPal

Payment Proof:

Here I have uploaded some payment proof screenshots that describe that this is not a scamming site they will pay for your efforts  Payment Proof3 payment Proof2 payment Proof     


  Daily Uploads is known as one of the best PPD site.

Daily Uploads site works on a pay per milestone structure it means they will peay you when you reach at 1000 downloads threshold

it will not pay you for each download of the file.

 The best thing about Daily Uploads is it won’t fill up surveys from users.


whoever wants to rid from the survey downloading site so this is the best site ever.

if you are looking for a PPD website without a survey, then this site is the best option for you.

Daily Uploads pay up to 16$ per 1000 downloads.

It depends upon the traffic. Daily Uploads require a minimum 1 Mb File for uploading. 

Payout Methods:

PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Web-money

minimum Payout is $25 you can schedule your payout for Seven days after cashing out the request 

4- AdWorkMedia – Best Content Locking Site:

adwork ppd network

Ad-work Media’s monetizations are the ultimate platform for content publishers and uploaders, website owners, and game & app, developers.

you can generate a heavy profit from your web & mobile traffic!

AdWorkMedia is a popular PPD and Content Locking site that allows you to monetize your download links by locking them. 

Moreover, it has a flexible content locker that can be used to monetize desktop as well as mobile traffic.

AdWorkmedia Pays up to 20$ per download, very impressive downloading rates. 

Payout Methods: 

PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Payza, ACH, Quick Cash

Minimum Payout:


Payout Schedule:

Weekly, Net 15, Net 30 So here is discussed with you people’s most effective earnings sites for uploading and downloading.

The Bottom Line:

There are a lot of file-sharing sites that allow people to make money, but some of them are scams, and some have been banned.

 These are the sites I use for my own work. These sites are 100% genuine

 I hope you enjoyed My post. If yes! Then please let me know. Leave a comment below This post is helpful for you or not! 

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