How To Connect External GPU With Laptop | Single Universal Method

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There is no doubt that high-level graphics will attract every gamer but especially expert gamers. The best graphics will improve the picture quality of the laptop screen and give gamers a wider perspective to enjoy the game. Along with the best graphic card also need to the best gaming laptop, the best gaming mouse, the best gaming keyboard, and other gaming-related accessories.

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The best way to deliver the gaming experience of your dreams or enhance your gameplay to the next level is by upgrading your graphics card. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional gamer, an external GPU is an excellent choice.

The eGPU (External Graphics Card) provides outstanding quilted graphics for any gaming laptop or PC.  So In this blog post, we will learn how to connect an external GPU to a laptop for gaming.


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The HP OMEN Accelerator serves as an example of how to set up eGPUs on docked systems, but there are a lot of variations from dock to dock, so you should consult your manufacturer’s website for set-up instructions.

What do I need to add an external eGPU to a laptop? 

Depending on your laptop setup, you may need some different components, but in the general case, you will need only these things:

  • A laptop, an eGPU, and a display monitor
  • An adapter and cable for Thunderbolt 3 are included
  • A graphic card for video/games 
  • An electric power supply

 So here is a bonus point for all of you 

Have you ever heard about HP OMEN Accelerator? actually, it is software. HP OMEN Accelerator basically accelerates the graphics with a dock, This Software is only designed for HD graphics.  With the HP OMEN Accelerator, you’ll find an eGPU solution that works with the world’s most advanced graphics cards and graphics-intensive games.

How to connect the HP OMEN Accelerator

  • The HP OMEN Accelerator software can be downloaded from
  • Connect HP OMEN Accelerator’s power supply cable to power as well as the display monitor if you’re using one.
  • Connect your laptop to the dock via the Thunderbolt cable. An icon representing a bolt indicates a Thunderbolt connection. A Thunderbolt connection should be detected and a pop-up message should appear. Once the Thunderbolt connection has been enabled, click “OK”.
  • Gameplay begins as soon as you connect your laptop and display.

You can also get some help with This video about: How to Connect An External GPU To a Laptop For Gaming 

how do eGPUs work?

An eGPU combines a desktop-style power supply, a powerful graphics card, and a PCle to allow your laptop to display better graphics by requesting graphics from the external dock rather than the internal graphics card. While they’re most common for laptops, eGPUs can also be used to upgrade desktop graphics performance.

Every professional gamer knows that laptop computers have less powerful graphics than High profile PC which means the image quality is not as good as on a PC.

This is a common problem for gaming experts, who want the best graphics for their gaming system one important thing is gaming is all about HD graphics but without the best graphics, it is not possible for gamers to enjoy their moment. 

In eGPUs, an external graphics card, a power supply, and a processor are combined to offer computers better graphics by using an external dock instead of an internal graphics card. An eGPU can improve desktop graphics performance as well as upgrade laptop graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is eGPU?

An external graphics processor is formally referred to as an external GPU (External Graphics Processing Unit). This eGPU is very essential for gaming graphics. eGPUs (external graphics processing units) are eGPUs located on a computer’s outside. They are commonly used to boost the graphics on laptop computers with limited built-in graphics capabilities. The big gamers only use eGPU for gaming purposes.

Are external GPUs slower?

External Performance Doesn’t Stack Up When using an external GPU, you’ll lose performance compared to using the same GPU internally. About 10 to 15% of performance can be lost.

Can you use an eGPU with a desktop computer?

Thunderbolt ports are available on many motherboards, so it is possible. However, I do not know why you would want to do this. You would be losing a lot of performance and creating bottlenecks for no good reason.

Can you use an external GPU on a laptop?

In modern laptops, you can connect an external graphics card via a variety of ports, whether it is Bluetooth, VGA, or Thunderbolt 3. You will not have a problem installing the external graphics card.

Can I use eGPU without Thunderbolt?

The Thunderbolt 3 connection on this eGPU is designed to allow you to switch easily between eGPU and non-eGPU setups after all the drivers have been installed on your laptop.

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