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Nowadays, everyone has their laptop, but I also know that many people are still measuring their laptop sizes. 

But don’t worry, as you are part of, the largest laptop guide website on the Internet.

We always help our readers with their problems, and today I am also offering the same solution. Many users are interested in laptop screen sizes because they sometimes intend to buy laptop bags for their laptops, and some type they wish to know a little bit more in advance about their laptops.

So This article will provide you with the solution to the following problem: how do you measure laptop screen size? 

It would be best to keep in mind that laptops have different dimensions, such as 13-inch, 14-inch, and 15-inch. 

However, how do you measure screen size on a laptop if the situation arises?

This guide teaches how to measure laptop screen size with some basic steps.

In this guide, I will evaluate the best methods for measuring laptop screen sizes with you. 

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Guidelines For Measuring Laptop Screen Sizes:

  1. The major concept of measuring laptop screen size is measuring diagonally.
  2. In most cases, the laptop screen can be measured from the left top corner of the screen      to the right bottom corner.
  3. A laptop’s screen size indicates nothing about its size because the bezel isn’t included in that measurement.
  4. You’ll need a measuring tape or a large ruler to figure out the dimensions.
  5. Remember that it’s not intended to be an exact measurement of the screen size, but it should cover all bases.
  6. It’s not a perfect measurement, but it covers all the significant screen sizes.

Now let me tell you about the method of measuring laptop screens. Below are some simple methods for measuring laptop screens. 

Measure Laptop Screen Size With Measuring Tape:

There are different screen sizes for laptops. Correct measurement is also helpful in determining the size of a screen.

Using a measuring tape or a ruler is the easiest method to measure the screen size of a laptop. 

Users of laptops will find the screen size on top of the laptop because some manufacturers display this information on a sticker. In case you can’t find it anywhere, you can use the measuring tape and ruler to measure the size of your screen. 

Use a measuring tape of sufficient length:

  1. Draw a diagonal from the top-left corner to the opposite bottom-right. If you start from the top-right corner, draw it straight down to the bottom-left corner.
How to mesure laptop screen size with Tape
  1. Do not include the casing or the bezel around the screen when you’re measuring the screen

Check the specs on the backside of the laptop:

The laptop screen size can be found on the back of the laptop. In general, you will find your laptop’s details at the back of the machine, such as the serial number, the product number, the RAM, and the screen size too. 

In some cases, if you cannot find details on the backside of your machine, then you can check the right side of your laptop’s screen

Because, in some laptops, the screen size is indicated on the right side of the screen so that a user can find out the size of their laptop’s screen simply by looking at it.

  1. Find the Your Laptop’s Screen Size From Official Website:

In case you want to know about your laptop screen size, you should visit the Official website of your laptop where you can easily find out your laptop model number, screen size, and also more details about it.

Some websites demand serial numbers to check your laptop’s model so for that; 

  • 1st of all you have to open your cmd (MS DOS)
  • Write wmic bios get serial number and press enter you will get your serial number 
How to find serial number with the help of CMD
  • Copy your serial number and visit your laptop’s official website, in my case, HP
  • You can find your laptop’s screen size information at the about section of official site

Use Google To Find The Screen Size Of Laptop:

It is easy for you to find out your laptop screen size by using Google, and you can input your laptop name or model number, followed by the word “screen size” as in the image shown below.

How do measure laptop screen size with google search

How To Measure Monitor Size With Simple Math:

It’s true! You heard me right! You can even measure the size of your laptop’s screen using a mathematical formula

When I discovered this method, I was also shocked. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as it’s one of the interesting methods that I have never seen before

The Pythagorean Theorem :

Pythagorean theorem is a method for measuring a laptop screen size. According to this rule, the square of the hypotenuse side of a right-angled triangle is the same as the sum of the squares of the other two sides. 

On a laptop screen, the hypotenuse is the diagonal measurement. 

To calculate the screen’s width and height, square the width and height of the screen and add the two numbers. Take the square root of this sum to determine the diagonal measurement and screen size. 

For instance, a Dell XPS 13 has a screen size of 11.57 inches by 6.51 inches. 

Add the two numbers together (133.8+42.38 =176.18). After multiplying the height by itself, you get 42.38. Add these two numbers together (133.8 + 42.38 = 176.18). Calculate the square root of the sum (√176.18 = 13.27).

Hurrah you have found the answer 13:27 inches.

Hahahaha but trust me, it’s not our style to measure screen size using this Pythagorean theorem

A Final Conclusion:

These are some simple methods for measuring the screen size of a laptop. It is generally a good idea to understand your laptop’s screen size.

In my opinion, however, I personally prefer to use an online method to determine the screen size of a laptop and its other details.

So, guys, I’m sure you now know how you measure your laptop screen size. Leave a comment below or send us an email if you have any questions, Tada.  


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