The Islamic History About Hazrat Imam Ali Sword (Zulfiqar) | Knowledge-shout



Background Of Zulfiqar Sword:


The Islamic History About Hazrat Imam Ali  Sword  (Zulfiqar) | Knowledge-shout


Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S) was the noblest sword-men of Islam. He is known for his fighting skills and his breviary. Some significant battles such as KhyberUhadKhandiq, and many more wars. Imam Ali (A.S) was the Legendary Soldier Of Our Holy Prophet (PBUH).  Hazrat Imam Ali (a.s) sword name was Zulifqar. This Legendary weapon was given By Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) to Imam Ali (A.S) during the Islamic war that Battle Name was (Battle Of Uhud). The Zulfiqar’s Sword was brought by Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S) (Leader of Angels). Zulfiqar Sword was the most Powerful weapon Of Imam Ali(A.S). Sword Blade was decidedly sharper than any other sword. This Sword was the Special Gift From ALLAH to His Lion Imam Ali(A.S). Many Shia, Sunni Scholars  Respect This weapon Because Of Imam Ali (A.S). A majority of the Islamic Scholars Believe that this Sword is now under the custody Of Imam Mahdi (A.S) (The 12th and last Imam of Islam). He is Caliph Of ALLAH. Zulfiqar Sword Name means (Cleaver of Spine) This Sword is the only Sword in the world which had double edges.

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Most Interesting facts Of Zulfiqar Sword:

Sword  (Zulfiqar) | Knowledge-shout

1-Where Did It Come From:

There are some different opinions about the arrival of the Zulfiqar sword. Some Shia/Sunni Scholars narrative that in the war of Badr Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) broke the bunch of trees and the Miracle (Mojza) Of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) Branch of the tree was Transformed into Zulfiqar Sword. But Most Popular Majority Of Shia And Sunni like Hazrat Bukhari, Hazrat Muslim, Allama Baqir Majlisi  Scholars are agreed Zulfiqar Sword Was a Special Reward For Imam Ali(A.S).

2- Sword Zulfiqar Is Not Ordinary Sword:

Sword Zulfiqar blades were not an Ordinary Blade. This Sword Specially created by ALLAH With his Miracle. The angel Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S) Presented This Sword To Our Beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH), and he gave Zulfiqar Sword to Imam Ali (A.S). According to  Islamic History, many Ulmas described that in all Islamic Wars, Hazrat imam Ali killed their enemy by this Sword.

3-Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) Fought With Sword Zulfiqar In Karbala:

Many Islamic Scholars Believe that After The Martyrdom Of Imam Ali (A.S), Sword was given To Imam Hassan (A.S) Because he was the elder son Of Imam Ali (A.S) he is the rightful owner Of the Zulfiqar sword. During the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hassan, he gave this legendary Zulfiqar sword to his younger brother Imam Hussain(A.S). After that imam, Hassan fought the battle of Karbala with the help of this Sword.

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4- Zulfiqar Sword The Symbol Of Victory:


All Muslims Know that Imam Ali (A.S) was a very Bold Warrior Of Islam. Imam Ali (A.S)  was won Many battles and killed the enemies of Islam with his Sword (Zulfiqar). Many Muslims Scholars say that Zulfiqar Sword was the Symbol of  Victory Of Islam As well as Non-Muslims are Agreed Zulfiqar Sword was a most potent weapon of Imam Ali (A.S). in Zulfiqar sword there is written (there is no hero like Ali, and there is no sword like Zulfiqar).


5-Where Is Sword Zulfiqar Now:

According to many Islamic Scholars (Hazrat Bukhari, Hazrat Muslim) that when Imam Hussain (A.S) Were Martyred in Karbala. Now, this legendary Sword is under the Custody Of Hazrat Imam Mahdi (A.S). Imam Mahdi (A.S) is known as the last and 12th imam of Islam. 

Zulfiqar Sword in Sunni and Shia Faith:

There are many different narratives about the Sword Of Imam Ali (A.S). Zulfiqar Sword Was Famous because of this Special weapon gifted to Imam Ali (A.S) at the battle of Uhud. When Hazrat Jibraeel (A.S) was bringing this Sword for Imam Ali (A.S). Angel Jibraeel (Gabriel) proclaimed a Famous Phrase about this sword translation (There is no Hero like Ali, There is no Sword like Zulfiqar). Also, Shia Scholar Allama Baqir Majilsi mentioned his book and the majority of Shia and Sunni Scholars Agrees with each other.




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