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Online business has become very popular these days.

but if it comes to online earnings so blogging is the Best Way to earn money online 

This guide will help you set up your first blog, and at the last practical tutorial video is waiting for you. 

There are a number of new bloggers who want to choose blogging as a career. so I suggest them to start with the free blogging platform called blogger. because it is completely free and includes several blogging features like Free hosting and free domain name with  .blogspot extension domain

Moreover, there are plenty of blogging platforms like WordPress, Medium, Wix, etc, available over the internet.

but I would suggest you start your blogging journey with this free platform

Let’s take a look at how we can create our first blog in 2021. 

How To Create A Blog Using Blogger Platform?

(1) The very first step is to create your google account then go through    


(2) Click on the “create your blog button” then it will ask you for a login

Add your google account then insert your email and password there and sign your Account. 

Creation And Naming Of Your Blog:

After the successful signup, this pop will appear and ask you to add the title of your blog

Add blog title in blogspot

 Under the title box, you have to write the name of your blog which you want to show to your users

for the best practice, I will suggest you perform keywords Researching and add your targeted keyword in the Title box in order to achieve speedy ranking in google.

I have already discussed the importance of title on my Blogging SEO Tips Post 

You can create up to 100 characters’ long title

After inserting your blog title click on the Next button

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Add your Domain Name:

After the placement of the title, you will see a new popup named “choose a URL for your blog”

Here you have to add your domain name 

 “A domain name is an accessible name of your website by which visitors can easily reach on  your blog but in future, you can replace this from a free Blogspot to a paid custom domain name”

choose Domain name for Your Blogger

Tips Of Choosing Domain Name:

  1. Your domain name should be easy to write and understandable
  2. Your domain name should be easy to pronounce and spell
  3. Use your keyword in the domain name
  4. keep your domain name short
  5. Try to don’t use the special character “@,_,-“
  6. Try don’t to use digits in the domain name
  7. If your website is for commercial use the use”.com” extension instead of “co,ooo, org and etc”

After selecting your desirable domain name click on the “save” button 

Hurrah! You have successfully set up your first and free blog on the blogger platform 

Install Good Looking Theme For Your blogger:

Picking the right theme for your blogger blog is also an art because theme plays a very important role in ranking. When it comes to choosing the perfect blogger theme, many factors should be considered.

 Some themes might use outdated or having invalid  HTML

Other themes might be not paying attention to Google’s SEO guidelines and misuse things.

I recommend you to before selecting your blog theme make sure to read the complete theme selection guide it will definitely help you out

Steps to Install Theme In  Blogger:

Go to any website that offers Free Templates to download, choose one that looks good and responsive 

(downloadable file must be in “XML” format  like theme.xml etc) 

(1) Log in to your blogger account on the left side there would be an option

“themes” Click on it  


(2) Click on  three dots which is located beside the “custom (Modified)”  and press restore


(3) Now the third and the final step is to upload the downloaded template and click save

Hurrah! you have successfully uploaded your theme on blogger

Now you can customize your theme according to your choice.

If you want to change navigation lists or any other customization you can check it in the “layout” section.  

How to Publish Your First Post In Blogger?

You’re almost done but there’s one more thing you need to know before you start blogging.

That is Posting & Content Writing

 Let’ see how we can publish your first post on the blog  


(1) In step one, you have to click on posts on the left sidebar after that an easy interface will be available for writing. post-inside   

(2) As can be seen in the screenshot attached above.

You will find a toolbar at the top of the window where you can add different types of functionality like heading, Text Size, Coloring, Bold, Italic, numbering and so on.

On the right side, some options related to posting and SEO are available.

Kindly don’t ignore these options otherwise your post will never get rank. You can read the detailed post regarding these options

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How can I earn From a Blog:

By the way, there are several methods of earning from a blog you can check the Complete Guide 

at this time I would recommend to you to go with Google adsense

Once you have set up your blog and started getting decent traffic on your blog

then you can apply for google AdSense But there are some guidelines and rules you have to follow in order to get approval from Google AdSense

Don’t be impatient for google AdSense unless and until you are bringing at least 100-200 unique visitors every single day.

before applying for AdSense, make sure your website meets these requirements 

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-Page SEO
  3. Technical Seo
  4. White Hat Seo Techniques
  5. Blogspot Best SEO Settings

Otherwise, it would be very hard for your application to be approved.

Steps to applying For Adsense:

  1. Just goto Blogger

here you will find the earning tab in the right sidebar

  1. Click on earnings and then connect Adsense it will redirect you to google Adsense official page where you can easily set up your blog.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on this post and solve your query if you have one. I am available for you 24/7. 

Practical Video How to Create a Blog :

I promised you at the top of this post that I would share a practical guide of how you can create a free blog on Blogspot so here is it

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