The Detailed Case Study Of Adsense Approval |101% Guaranteed Approval Tricks in 2021

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are you seeking AdSense approval and looking for a complete AdSense approval guide?

but still not getting or keep on rejecting by the AdSense team ? or how much traffic do you want to get AdSense approval? blah blah blah!

these all are popular questions from the blogger’s side.

so today I come up with all answers to your related queries.

I think at somewhere you are doing the same mistakes which I  have also done in my past for that reason I also faced many rejections by the google Adsense team

Do not worry now it is time to understand the google Adsense algorithm how it works in 2021 why are many users getting rejected day by day and how many myths are going on right now about AdSense rejection.

all these answers to your question will coverup in this complete guide post after implementing all these things you will able to grab your approved account by the Google Adsense Team 😀😀

What did Google say About Adsense Approval?

First of all your content must  obey google’s terms and conditions you can read the entire guideline from Here

⛔ Ensure Your Content is Full Of quality it is always written for users and must contain solutions to their queries

⛔ Your Site Design ought to be  fabulous

⛔ Must have clear navigation with proper breadcrumbs schemas

Here is Google’s Official Video For Adsense Approval


Your Website Must Not Have Abusive Experience:

Abusive experience means your site is designed to mislead visitors. avoid using redirecting links, content lockups,  Fake messages, misleading site behaviors, browser history manipulation, auto redirection, and many more.

In a nutshell, anything which looks like scamming users, downloading unwanted software, or some kind of fraud is banned from the side of google.

You can read out the complete abusive guide of Google From Here which is strictly prohibited.

Let’s Jump towards our personal strategies for getting Adsense approval fast in 2021.

remember these tips are not Line on the rock so for Regardless below-written guide can increase 99.99% approval chances.

Factors You Should Consider Before Applying For Google Adsense in 2021:

Make sure your blog must follow these guidelines this will increase 99.99% chances of approval

1. Always content is king :

I am always considering content as a  key factor for AdSense approval.

content not only beneficial for AdSense but also good for your overall site’s SEO.

Your 80% On-page SEO work also depends on it 

Keep in Mind quantity Doesn’t Matter Quality Matters

Asure your content is unique and serves readers in a different way. 

you must come up with new ideas that haven’t been copied from anywhere and fulfill the user’s intent.

70% of bloggers stuck in this first step because they copying content from other sources that have zero quality with no user experience.

Copywriting is a good thing but google is now very smart his new AI-based algorithms detect plagiarism and it causes rejection of your application

Read Out: Unique Content Policy

your content should not be sensitive like it does not contain any

⛔ Pornography

⛔ Adult materials

⛔ Pirated Material

⛔ Hacking or Cracking Informational Tutorials

⛔ Illegal Drugs Any Other Illegal Stuff

⛔ or any gambling supportive information

google adsesense forum

It all against google’s community and guidelines there are few languages that are supported by AdSense (AdSense Supported Languages) so make sure your blog’s language is on the list of these.

Pro Tips Of Content

✔️ Make sure your content contains meaningful information and fulfill all users queriers

✔️ your content should be plagiarism free

✔️ It must not a spined content or machinery rewritable content

✔️ Your content does not contain any sensitive information

✔️ your content should be long enough (in the range of (1500-2000) words)

✔️ your content should be to the point without any juggling

✔️ Your content must be High quality

Blog Design Must Be Attractive:

do you know? that was a reason I got a 1st-time rejection from the google Adsense because my Blog design was not good so far.

After that, I moved toward WordPress and designed this blog, and applied for 2nd time miraculously my Adsense got approved.

The lesson behind my Story Was Blog design.

Ensure your site is designed beautifully and simple way.

your site should be easy to navigate and it provides all information clear and visible to the visitors.

Clear navigation

Try To Add an easy-to-use navigation bar because it is a key factor in providing a good user experience.

When building your navigation bar keep these three rules in your mind;

  • Alignment – All the elements lined up correctly
  • Readability – Entire text is easy to read
  • Functionality – your drop-down lists work correctly

Check Out: Google Adsense Navigation Bar Criteria

If you want to impress google then impress visitors because google fully relies on user experience so for

Basic Formula =>  Impress User = Google Impressed = Adsense Approved😀😀

Tips To Improve Website Design:

✔️ Make sure user can easily navigate your site

✔️ Fonts, color, and design must be decent

✔️ No hidden Page

✔️ Your site must have a Clear Navigation Menu

✔️ Search Engine and Mobile Friendly Theme installed

✔️ There should be No popups or any irritating material

3. Your Blog Should Be 6 Months Old:

Make sure your blog domain should be 6  months old.

especially if you are from (Pakistan china and India) then you should have to wait for 6 months anyhow before going to apply for Adsense.

google require at least 6 months old domain.

you may still get approval in 2 days old domain but this is nothing short of a miracle.

Many AdSense stories are going on that some people got approved for few days old domains and the other got rejected even They has 6  months old domain.

So domain age doesn’t matter when if you have quality in your content.

If you have a website that is less than 6 months old then you can still consider applying for AdSense.

But the suggestion is to at least wait for 6 months before going for AdSense because it will increase your first-time approval chances.

4. Use Top Level Domain

TLP domain or top-level domain means your domain extension should be (.com . org . net .edu .gov etc)

but for commercial use your domain extension should be .com 

Google can still approve your account in the (.blogspot) domain and many website owners got approval and they are using Adsense account but frankly, I am telling you it is too hard to get approval

especially for Asian users, the TLP domain is mandatory it is based on my personal experience too.

Do not try in the .blogspot domain it is completing wastage of time

Buy a domain on hosterPk in cheap prize and start your blog 

(if you face any problem with domain setup you can contact me before buying a domain 😊 it is free I will feel happy to get you to know 😊 )

Read Here: Domains Rules Before Buying

5. Create These Important Pages:

Before going to apply for Google Adsense in 2021 make sure you already have these pages

  1. Contact Us
  2. About Us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms & Conditions
  5. Disclaimer

The topmost 3 Pages are most important for your approval (contact us, about us, and privacy policy) 

if you are using WordPress install plugin named contact form 7 and add a contact form with a single click

Make an attractive About us page For your blog By using elementor ( if you are a WordPress user)

For Blogspot users go through the site to insert attractive emojis and make your page next level.

Never ever use online generator tools for creating these pages.

if you have no idea check out different website’s page and make your own

Note: Sometimes google may give approval without a privacy policy and disclaimer pages but about us and contact us pages is obligatory.

6.You’re Must Be 18 Years Old:

The age restriction policy comes from the AdSense side that your age must meet 18 years.

if you are not 18 years old yet then you can use your parent or guardian information to signup a google account

Because Google AdSense won’t give approval who are under 18.

Some people realize this problem after being disproved a few times without any legitimate reason.

Note: Do not Insert fake information to make yourself 18 years old. it would be serious trouble to your account.

ReadOut More: About Google’s 18 Years Age Policy

7.Avoid To Copying AnyOne:

what that means of copying anyone? 

Make sure never to use copyrighted images on your blog and avoid copying other’s content.

you can pick free copyrighted images from shutter stocks and pixabay and edit them according to your choice.

You can also pick copyright-free images from the google

copyrigting images

  1. Just go to google and type your keyword in my case I typed “blogging”
  2. Under the Image tab, There Would be an option of  “Tools” Click on it
  3. Select the Creative Common License. Hurrah ! you have done now pick any of the images according to your choice edit it and upload it on your blog it’s completely safe and royalty-free images

I did the same mistake in my time so it could have a reason behind my first-time rejection.

so avoid using copyrighted images and content. make your own content and work hard.

Pro Tip Of Using Images

  1. Add your website’s watermark on every image to make it more professional
  2. keep in mind post Quantities doesn’t matter Quality maters it takes time but will definitely give you results

8. Avoid To using Other ad Networks:

if you are tying for google Adsense and on the other hand you are using another ads company like MediaNet, Infolinks, propellers ads then cut it off from your site.

Along with Google Adsense, you do not have to use another ads company.

Even though Google Adsense has not stated that they don’t allow another advertisement network.

But believe me, if you are using then cut it off from your site.

9. Add Your Site On WebMaster:

This is not mandatory but as my personal observation concern ensure your all Pages and Posts links ins properly indexed On Webmaster. 

If you are a WordPress user then it’s not your headache just install a Plugin RankMath 

it will automatically index your links otherwise index it manually by using webmaster indexing features

Additional Infomation For Blogspot Blogger Users:

If you are using the blogger platform and trying to get AdSense approval then trust me it’s too hard (but not impossible )

You can even Take AdSense approval of the Blogspot domain

Then What Should You Do To Get Google Adsense Approval?


  1. Ensure Your Blog loads in Under 3 seconds 
  2. Theme Should Be Mobile Friendly
  3. Must have Clear Navigation
  4. Written Upto 20 quality Blog posts
  5. Buy a custom domain (It will increase your chances of getting Adsense approval faster)
  6. Your Blogger Theme Must Contains following schemas
  • Hatom
  • Breadcrumbs List Schema (Most Important)
  • Blog Posting Schema
  • Website Schema 

Many questions may be Blinking in your mind. It might be you are thinking  How do you check For these Schemas And which Free theme Contains these Schemas?

Don’t Worry just Go through this link And download the Smag theme and upload It on your blog.

2nd step Go through This Link and paste your blog’s link here in order to check your website schemas status

Data structure Tool for schema Check

What I Did For Adsense Approval:

Let me tell you my personal trick which I have used to get approval in 2021 

By following these steps you can get 99.99% Adsense approval on any blog or website.

STEP 1 : You should have a Top-Level Domain Like .com, .co, .org,.pk. avoid using the .blogspot free domain it would be a restriction on your approval

STEP 2: Avoid using inappropriate niches which I have discussed earlier in the post  Like => Gamling, software cracking and Pornography, etc. 

Step 3: Use  WordPress and then try for Adsense. it is not mandatory you can also get AdSense approval in blogpost but In my case, it didn’t work for me.

So it Could be a reason behind my struggle. You can use both WordPress and Blogger for the blog as it hardly matters

STEP 4: your blog must have 20+ quality posts uploaded. it’s also not mandatory but it worked in my case.

when I applied for Google AdSense there were 25 blogs posted was published. so You have to need to Post 20 Articles at least, And the length should be >1000 Words or more.

Note: Above Content Rules & Regulation Applied

STEP 5: After that create Three main pages Like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, etc.  

STEP 6: Index Your site to the Google search console and Manually index your Links.

Hurrah! You have Done Now apply for Adsense and for some rare cases you would still receive a disapproved notification on your inbox but it worked for me and also it worked for thousands of bloggers and website owners all over the globe.

Note: Allah Forbid! if you still get disapproved message then add 2-3 more posts and updated current posts and apply again after 2-3 week

Final Checklist Of Google Adsense Approval:

  1. Always Follow above Given Google Guidelines
  2. Your content must be high quality 
  3. Avoid For Using  prohibited Content Like (Gambling, hacking, pornography, cracking and etc)
  4. Avoid copying anyone’s content and also avoid rewriting content
  5. Do not use the auto rewriter tool to generate your content it is not a white hat technique
  6. Use royalty-free images in your content
  7. Blog design should be attractive with clear navigation and user-friendly Structure
  8. Choose a Rich schema theme for your blog
  9. Theme Should be mobile-friendly,  fast, and loads under 2-3 initial seconds 
  10. Use TLP domains like (.com , .net , .org – etc) in order to increase your approval chances 
  11. Domain age should be 6 months Old (This rule is only for Asian countries)
  12. Create Mandatory pages like (Contact us, About us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and terms and conditions)
  13. Ensure you should be 18 years old before going for Adsense 
  14. Do not use other ad networks if you are trying for google AdSense

The bottom line:

in the conclusion, work hard and keep trying for AdSense. getting google approval is not so much hard just focus on your content and make sure your website design is pretty good.

yet follow above given guidelines and keep trying. don’t be sad if you get a rejection from googles there are several other networks and other earning resources  as well you can go for them as well

hope for the best and never lose hope. Try & Try because try is the key to success

Note: If you have still any queries or maybe I missed anything so kindly let me know in the comment box I will bring up an answer to your appropriate queries 

You can one-on-one content with me via Instagram 

#StaHappy #StayTunned

Adsense Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long does AdSense take to approve?

Time of getting approval in depending upon your site and many other factors according to google Adsense it usually takes up to 2 weeks to give a final decision. but sometimes It can be as quick as 24-48 hours.

2. How much does AdSense pay per 1000 views?

It varies according to your niche and your audience that where are they come from. AdSense is CPC (cost per click ad network) means when someone clicks your ad you will get Asian countries like Pakistan, India, and china the CPC rate might be 0.5$ -2$. if your blog’s traffic is from the European side then it might be possible you would get up to 10$ per click.

3. How many times can you apply for AdSense?

You can apply as many times as you want. but keep in mind after rejection from AdSense you should wait up to 2 weeks after going for your second attempt

4. How to get AdSense approval for blogger

Ensure Your Blog loads in Under 3 seconds
Theme Should Be Mobile Friendly
Must have Clear Navigation
Written Up to 20 quality Blog posts
Buy a custom domain (It will increase your chances of getting Adsense approval faster),
Your Blogger Theme Must Contains following schemas
1. Hatom
2. Breadcrumbs List Schema (Most Important)
3. Blog Posting Schema
4. Website Schema 

5. how much traffic required for AdSense approval?

There not any thumb rule for traffic because I got AdSense when I was 20 visitors per day in my blog so it doesn’t matters. A thing which is matters is only quality content.

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