Top Killer Blogger (Blogspot) SEO Settings On New Interface | Skyrocket Your Rankings In 2021

When I talk about SEO the first thing which comes in your mind is earnings that how we can earn from blogging

if you still do  not know how to start a free blog  then you can check out How To Create Blog For Free In 2021

After that, the second thing which comes is traffic

when we talk about the traffic then the main source of traffic is organic traffic (“A traffic Which Generated By the Search engines”)  

As we all know the thumb rule (More Traffic = More income)

In this post, you will see how you can perfectly optimize your Blogspot SEO seo settings

But keep in your mind along with These settings you have to equally deal with these three criteria 

  1.  On-Page Optimization 
  2. Off-page Optimization 
  3. Technical SEO Optimization
  4. Rich Schema Structured

So, let’s come to the point and see what are the top blogger SEO settings which will help us to increase our organic rankings and traffic in 2021

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Before we go to the advanced  setting’s section ensure you are well known of  the basic SEO Ranking Factors 

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Top Blogspot SEO settings Should be Optimized  in 2021:

1-Basic Settings

  • Title of your blog
  • Description of your blog
  • Blog Language
  • Adult Content
  • Google Analytics

2- Privacy

  • search engine privacy settings

3- HTTPS Setting

  • HTTP Availability
  • Https Redirection

4- Permissions

  • Blog admins and authors
  • Pending Authors invites
  • Invite more authors
  • Reader Access

5- Time Zone Formatting

  • Time zone
  • Date header format

6 -Meta Tags Settings

  • Search meta description

7- Errors and redirects

  • Custom 404
  • Custom redirects

8- Crawlers and indexing

  • Enable custom robots.txt
  • Custom robots.txt settings
  • Enable custom robots header tags settings

9- General

  • Blogspot general Setting

10-Blogspot Posting Settings:

  • Importance of label
  • permalinks
  • Location
  • Search Description
  • Option

1- Blogspot Basic Section Settings:

  • Rules To Set Title And Description:

The title of your blog must be concise and written in an understandable manner.  Use a straightforward title (65 characters maximum) and refrain from using the vague format or extra information to make it beautiful 

Google only index 75 characters for desktop and 65 characters for mobile so make sure your site should be under 65 characters

On the contrary for the description, you will have to define your blog in a detailed way.

Try to add some targeted keywords in Description And Title for better SEO practice.If you don’t know how to research keywords using free tools then go through this link

Blogspot title and description setting

Go to Settings of your Blogger > Basic> Then change Your Title and description According to user needs.

After inserting the title and description under the description you will find privacy make sure you have ticked as “yes” otherwise search engine can’t able to access your site.

  • Blog Language

Here you can set your blog’s language. By default, it sets English (United Kingdom)

The Blogger platform supports more than 100 languages, so you can choose the right language for your blog. it may be helpful for your visitors to understand your blog easily.

  • Adult Content

By default, it turned off. if your blog contains any 18+ content  then you have to make enable this button

Note:  Do not use 18+ content on your blog because in future you will be get rejected by Google Adsense

  • GoogleAnalytics

Here you have to add your google analytics property id in order to link your blog with google analytics

Don’t know How to set up google analytics? Follow this link

2- Privacy Settings:

Here you will find an option “Visible to search engines” so make sure this setting always allowed because it allows search engine bots to crawl your website

without this permission, no search engine bot can even enter your website.

privacy settings in blogspot

3- HTTPS Availability And Redirection Setting:

Ensure both options are checked. If you want your visitor to access your site by using an HTTPS secure connection then you have to turn it on.

http and https secrure connection

Major Benefits Of turning of HTTPS Redirection settings

There are mainly three benefits to turning it on

  • It helps to check that your visitors opened the correct website or not. and it won’t be redirected to a malicious site.
  • It also helps to detect attacker tries if someone wants to hack you or want to steal your data or send any unwanted requests
  • It adds encryption in order to make secure surfing over the internet. so it makes it harder for the attackers to listen to your visitors’ conversations, track their activities, or steal their information.

4- Blogger Authors Permissions Setting:

In this setting, you can add a new author or admin for your blog.

just goto settings> under permissions tag you will find the “pending author invites” click on it and add the email address of the author which you want to invite for your blog and press enter. 

After that invited author will accept your request via his email address and become the author of your blog

5-  Blogger Meta Tags Setting:

Here is the most important SEO Blogspot (blogger ) setting you can’t ignore these settings

1- What Is Meta Tags (Description):

Let take a Practical Example Go to Google and Search “Knowledge shout” You Will See their website meta description under of website title As I showed you below on the image.

knowledgeshout meta description

The Description Appear In the Red highlighted Box that is called Meta Description


  1. Make sure the targeted Keyword is present in your Meta description
  2. The meta description should be written in a polite way (no need to add descriptive information) just describe your website motive and add some of your targeted keywords then publish it

How To Add Meta Description:

  1. Go to your Blogger (Blogspot account)
  2. Under the  Settings >Under Meta Tags, you will find search Description 
  3. write your meaningful Meta Description on this box
  4. Done

6- Error And Redirects:

What is the custom page not found? Do you have an idea about a custom page?

don’t worry

Let me clear you the actual concept of custom page not found Suppose you wrote a blog post and for some reason, the post is no longer available on your blog.

so, whenever users click on that link they will found (404 error) it will negatively impact your site and the user will bounce back from your website.

When users bounce back your ranking will automatically decrease for that purpose Custom page not found is a very major SEO setting most of the bloggers ignore it.

So, what kind of code should you add on my custom Page not found box? 

error and redirects in blogger


<a href =”your homepoage url” target=”_blank”> Error 4o4 Page Not Found </a> <p> Currently this page is unavailble <a href =”your home URL” target=”_blank”> Home Pasge </a>

Just copy this above-given code replace it with your URL (your home page URL) and click on save changes. It’s done

7- Crawlers And Indexing:

Another essential setting is Robots.txt 

it is simply a file which deals with the search engine’s crawler. Whenever crawlers read your website the robots.txt file allows those crawlers to read which part of your website.   

This is the Important Part of Blogger SEO. If You Done Wrong, then Your Scan might be is rejected by the crawlers.

By using this feature, You can Disallow Search engines to Crawl Your Website,  And, if you want to use it, then Copy the Below given Code and Paste it in Custom Robots.txt.

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Code:User-agent: Mediapartners-Google Disallow:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /Search
Allow: /

Paste Your website Link Under “https://www.” and press the Save changes button.

Custom Robot Header.Txt:

It’s also considered as the most important SEO setting If you ignore these settings the rest of the settings are nothing.

This will help a lot if you Do this Correct. 

How to insert these Header tags?  

I have provided you with the image below check it out and do not change it by yourself.

header robot.txt

Home Page:-  Option,  tick “All”  means You Allow Search engines to Fully Index Your blog Homepage.

Archive & Pages:-  Option, You need to Select (no index) and (no archive) because We Did not allow Search engines to index. Because The link of the Article of Archive or Search Pages is different From the Original Article link.

Default Post and Pages:- Here Click On All and then click on to Save Settings button. Now All Option is Done in Custom Robots Header Tags.

8-General (user Setting):

The last Blogspot SEO setting is a user setting It is not the most important as other settings.

in the user setting, you just provide your own (owner) details like Name, Email and contact information, etc.

I recommended you add these settings and make them more attractive for users.

ganeral (user settings)

Just click on edit post and write your personal information on it.
So here is the end of this blogpost

Now turn toward the posting SEO section. This section is as important as the settings section is important

Blogspot Posting Section SEO Settings:

posting section seo

As you can see Blogspot posting section SEO settings on the above screenshots. so let evaluate these settings one by one.

Importance Of Labels In Blogging:

This most important setting of Blogspot without this setting your user experience may lose as well as the Search engine also through Breadcrumbs Error

Labels help you to make categories for your post as you can see in the above image this Blogspot post is related to SEO and blogging that’s why I add a label here SEO, Blogging.

I recommended you Add labels related to your post it also helps search engine to crawl your site in category wise and it also helps users to find related topics


Permalinks are the URL of your post that appears after it has been published post.

It is also best seo practice to optimize your post URLS for your users as well as search engines

Tips for Optimize Blogger Post URL 

  1. URL of your post must be short and easy to understand
  2. Avoid using breaking/stopping words like “and”, “our”, “to” in permalinks
  3. Avoid making Lengthy URLs keep URL short.
  4. Add your targeted keyword on your post’s URL as well

Search Description:

As Name showing here “Description” means to describe your post and tell search engines about the post

In order to write SEO-friendly descriptions, make it concise and  meaningful.

Improve your search CTR by adding attractive words to your description box Avoid stuffing your description with keywords, just describe your post in a few words

Note: Some time this description as known as “META Description Of Post”

Option Setting:

Here is the most important setting of SEO is options settings. Most of the bloggers don’t discuss this setting
Blogspot Posting Seo settings

Make sure to set your option settings as I have done for my Blog. I have shared the option setting screenshot above

Under The Compose Mode:

Make sure you have checked to show Html Literally. it will help search engine crawl to crawl and index your site easily

Under Line Breaks Tab:

Make sure you have checked “Press “Enter” for line breaks”   This removes all
tags from your HTML side and makes coding easier to read for crawlers

Custom Robots Tags:

Make sure this Setting is checked as default.

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I hope I have cleared all the advanced Blogspot SEO settings. If you feel that I missed anything please let me know in the comment section leave a comment below for your questions and for my feedback 🙂

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