Complete Blogspot Backup & Restore Guide: On New Interface

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Do you know about blogspot. It is owned by Google.

If you do not have money in your pocket but you want to start blogging, then I highly recommend you to use blogspot because it is free platform to start blogging 

Our today’s post is all about Backup It is backbone of your blog as you all know that backup is very important for any organization

But, If we are talking about blogspot, you should make sure that your blog must be backed up at least once in a week.

Without beating the bush let;s start the  guide. 

How to Take Complete Backup Of Blogspot:

When we talk about blogspot then there would be two things that come to mind .

First one is Theme Backup and the second one is Content Backup.

But in this guide we will see complete blogspot backup including (theme backup , content backup)

How To Take Blogspot Theme Backup:

Before we get started, you should know that blogger has now fully changed, means classic interface is changed by new interface

  1. First you have to go after signing you blogger account you will see dashboard of blogspot
  1. on left sidebar Locate  Theme > Customize & Click it

Note: In new Interface option of Template changed into Theme  

  1. After clicking the customize (side arrow) button you would see a popup. Find backup option and click on it 
  1. Click on download button to take backup 

After clicking (.XML) will start downloading on left bottom bar

As soon as you have downloaded the file, you will have to save it on your p.c. & most importantly, the extension om theme must be in XML format  (Example.xml)

Hurrah you have done with theme backup now let’s look on content backup

How to Take Blogspot Content backup

After Theme backup it’s time to backup your content.

  1. Likewise go to at the right dashboard locate settings option and click on it
  1. Once you click on settings, scroll down to and Manenge blog option
  1. Under Manage Blog find Backup content and click on it.
  1. After clicking backup content you will see a popup with download button
  1. Click on the download button & Hurrah you have done it !

Your entire content will start backuping and will download in you local system within couple of seconds

How to Restore Blogspot Backup:

We have learnt that how we can take a complete backup of our blogspot 


The plus point which i wanted to add in this post that how we can restore our backup which we have taken

In Future if we need to restore our content then how can we do that ?

Don’t worry an amazing guide is waiting for you

You can restore your complete backup in one shot first you need to go dashboard

  1. At the left sidebar locate Settings
  1. After clicking on settings tab scroll down and locate Manage Blog under this heading you would see import option click on that
  1. Upload you backup up file it will replace your whole content with uploaded backuped file including Posts , Comments , Theme Setting etc

Backups for Blogger are usually recommended only in cases where your blog has been hacked, deleted or blocked. 

Final Words 

I hope you learnt a lot from this  guide. I have tried my best to teach you about backup and restore funda .  

Note: You should store the backup files on Google Drive or Dropbox, so you can access them anywhere. 

If you have another backup method then let me know in comment box

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