Biography Of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH | Knowledge-shout

Biography Of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH | Knowledge-shout


Who Was Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH:


The holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH was the final beloved Messenger Of Allah. The founder of Islam Prophet Muhammad PBUH was born in the Holy city of Makkah on 22 April 571 AD According to Islamic Date it was the date of 12 Rabi-ul-Awal. Our Beloved Prophet (s.a.w.w)  Father’s name was Hazrat Abdullah (R.A) who died a few months before His Birth. Mother.s Name was Hazrat Bibi Aminah (R.A) who died when Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH was only 6th year of age, Bibi Aminah (R.A) gave him the Name Ahmad. 

she had a dream about the Last Messenger Of Allah she dreamed that an angel appeared to suggest the Name (Ahmad) and his Grand Father Hazrat Abdul Mutailb (R.A) named him (Muhammad) (PBUH). Within two or three days After Prophet Muhammad PBUH birth, he was taken care of permanent Nursing care of Hazrat Halima Sadia (R.A) after that Holy Prophet grandfather after Hazrat Bibi Aminah (R.A) was passing away Hazrat Abdul Mutalib(R.A) took care of Prophet Of Islam (PBUH) when Prophet Muhammad PBUH became eight years 2-month-old Hazrat Abdul Mutalib (R.A) was Also passing away Prophet PBUH was in the care of his. 
Uncle Name Hazrat Abu Talib (R.A) Father Of Our 1st Imam Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S). Hazrat Abu-Talib (R.A) real Name was (Imran) Abu-Talib (R.A) loves his Nephew a lot. He gave him full support helped him A lot about Spreading Islam.


Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH Adulthood:

When the Last Prophet Of Allah reached the age of 12 he Travels along with his uncle Hazrat Abu-Talib (R.A) towards Basra. A Christian pop named George Saw The last messenger of Allah and recognized him by his description which was covered in the holy book of Christian (Bible) pop “George” took his hand and said (this child is the last prophet of God, God has sent him as a grace for the world) Hazrat Abu-Talib asked( How do you know that pop replied we find his name mentioned in our Holy Book Bible). Monk George said to Abu-Talib (R.A) to take him back to Makkah and take care of him.
When our holy prophet grew up the people of Makkah gave him an in-title (the truthful person) and Al-Amin (the trustworthy person) Because of his wonderful manners with the  Peoples Of Makkah.
His 2nd Journey was towards Damascus (Sham) along with his Beloved “uncle” Hazrat Abu-Talib (R.A)Prophet PBUH participated in the war of Fajjar. That was the 1st time when Messanger Of Allah was Only 15 Years old. He also took part in Hilful Fazul (war) a reformist movement. At that time prophet’s age was only 16 years old. His 3rd Journey was again towards the Sham as a treader at the age of 25.

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH Marriages:

Hazrat Bibi Syeda Khadijah (S.A) sent her servants Maysarah keep an eye on Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH watched his Performance in Business and reported back to her, Maysarah, his returns and he, tell everything about Messanger of Allah Bibi Khadijah (S.A) was tremendously Inspire about honesty as well as the dignity of  Holy Prophet PBUH she put Prophet Of Islam in charge of her Trade Although she had many Proposals for the wedding from many tribes of Quresh, Bibi Khadijah (S.A) refuses them all she sent the wedding proposal to Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). 
The Last Messanger Of Allah Accepted this Marriage Proposal when they got Married In 595 AD Prophet Of Islam PBUH age was 25 years old, and Hazrat Bibi Khadijah (S.A) age was 40 years old.
According to the  Famous Islamic Scholar Ibn Hisham said after the passing of Hazrat Bibi Khadijah (R.A), He Married to Hazrat Sawda Bint Zama, Hazrat Bibi Ayesha bint Abu-Bakr, and Hazrat  Hafsah bint Umer, and Hazrat Ummy Habiba Hazrat Zainab, Hazrat Umm-Slama and Hazrat Maria Hazrat Zaynab bint Jahsh and Hazrat Maymuna and Juwariya they belonged to Arab tribes Six Waives of Prophet Of Islam PBUH from Quresh and rest were from Other Nations. 
Hazrat Safiya was From a Jewish tribe Hazrat Rayhanah According to The Holy Book Of Allah, Quran said About the Wives of Messenger of Allah  (Umm al-Mominin) (Mother of Faithful).

The Announcement Of Prophethood:

1st Hijrah:

in 1st hijrah, The Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH announced prophethood revealed.  At that time his age was  40 years old. After the announcement of Prophethood Fajr and Asr Prayers were prescribed two Rakats. Holy Quran was revealed on 18th Ramadan Kareem 1st year of Prophethood there was Friday Night at Cave of Hira the 1st five Holy Verses of Sura Al-Alaq were Revealed. 
On the period of Prophethood, Allah ordered his Beloved Last Apostle (S.A.W.W)  for Jihad on 12 Safar 2 Hijrah 1 year 2 months 10 days after Messanger of God his Shahaba (R.A) Migrated from Makkah to Madinah .1st  Force action Ghazwa Waddan was taken in Safar 2 Hijrah Zakat was Prescribed in 2 Hijrah. 
Change Direction Of Qibla on 15th “Shaban” keep in your the first Qibla direction for Muslim prayers is majid-ul-Aqsa. 

2nd Hijrah:

2nd Hijrah Of after the battle of Badr, Wedding Of Hazrat Imam Ali (A.S) and Hazrat Bibi Syeda Fatimah (S.A) took Place On 2nd year Of Prophethood. 
The Siege Banu Qainuqa was in the Middle of Shawwal to the Starting of Ziqada 2nd Hijrah. The Same year the Marriage of Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A) with Hazrat Bibi Ummy-Kulsum (R.A) daughter of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH. During 2nd hijrah, the wine was also prohibited.

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3rd Hijrah:

In the 3rd Hijrah Holy Prophet Muhammad’s PBUH, 1st Grandson Imam Hassan (A.S) was born on the date of15th Ramadan. After that, the Battle Of Uhud was Bagan on 5th Shawwal.
After the Prayer of Friday Usury was Prohibited soon after the end war of Uhud and Injunctions About Orphans child. Detailed Laws of Inheritance Was quickly issued after the Battle of Uhud.



4th And 5th Hijrah:

On the 4th Hijrah, The 2nd Grandson Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S) was born in Shaban 4th Hijrah and the Prophet Of Islam ordered For the Hijab the date is 1st Zulqadh 2nd battle of Islam was started in the month of Zulqadh 4th Hijrah after that Ghazawa Damatul Jandal was In Month of Rabi-al-Awwal 5 Hijrah. 
Battle of Banu-al-Mustalaq took Place on 3rd Shaban 5th Hijrah and also the Method of “Tayammum” was given on the to Ghaazwa Banu Mushtaq. 
The war of Ahzab was in the 5th Hijrah. Also, Enforcement of penal laws against Fornication slander. 

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6th And 7th Hijrah:

At the 6th Hijrah Of Prophethood.  The most famous Battle of Khyber was In Muharram on that battle In 7th Hijrah, Independent Muslim camps were established at Sauful Bahr and young Muslim men who were oppressed in the Holy city of Makkah but could not be permitted to stay In Holy Madinah according to the term, Conditions of Hudaibiya Peace Treaty the Carawan of Banu Quresh raided by Saif-ul-Bihar in the month of Safar.

8th And 9th Hijrah:

8th Hijrah Of Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH Prophethood, The Starting War of Mutah, was in Jamada and Quresh of Makkah were Breaking Rule. Violation of a treaty of Hudaibiya was in Rajab The daughter of Rasoolullah (S.A.W)  Hazrat Bibi Zainab (R.A) Was Martyred, And Son of Messenger of Allah Hazrat Qasim dies in 8th Hijrah.
Zakat was organized at the beginning of the month of Muharram 9th Hijrah, a battle of Tabuk was taken Place in Rajab 9th Hijrah. 

10th Hijrah: 

On 10th Hijrah Muslims left Mudalifa on 9th Zilhajj after Sunset, the Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH last Ramadan Kareem was in 10th Hijrah, and His1st and Final Hajj were started from Madinah on 26th Zilqadh 10th Hijrah Prophet PBUH and his Companions Enter into the Mosque of Holy Kaaba simply known as Masjid-al-Haram, They left for mina on 8th Zilhajj 10th Hijrah.

Holy Prophet Muhammad PBUH Passed Away:

Finally, he has Solved all his conflicts with the Quresh of Makkah. Allah’s Last Prophet took his 1st Islamic Pilgrimage approaching to the city of Holy Makkah in March 632 AD. He delivered his last sermon on Mount Arafat, on this occasion, he said that I left two important things Between you. The 1st one is the Holy Quran And 2nd is My Ahyl-e-Bayt (A.S). After that, He Returns to Madinah and stays at Hazrat Bibi Ayesha’s (R.A) The home was feeling unwell, on the day of 8th June 632AD he passed away at the time our holy prophet age was 63 years old, he was buried at masjid-al-Nabiwi (Mosque of our Prophet PBUH).

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