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The History And Biography  Of Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S)  


Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S) was born in the Holy city of Makkah In Kabtullah on 29 January 661 Imam Ali (A.S) was the cousin brother of The Holy Prophet(PBUH)and his father Hazrat Abu Talib and mother Named Hazrat Bibi Fatima bint Asad and Imam Ali(A.S) was the 1st our Holy Imam among the 12 holy Imams and also Imam Ali(A.S) was the 1st who announced He was a follower of the Holy Prophet(PBUH) and he read Kalma Haq and more important thing about Imam Ali(A.S) that was not only the cousin brother of holy Prophet(PBUH) but also son-in-law, the Prophet of Islam, and fourth of the “rightly guided” (Rashideen)caliphs, as the first four successors of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Muhammad(PBUH) is called. Reigning from 656 to 661, he also called by the Holy Prophet (PBUH) lion of Allah Imam Ali(A.S) fearless in all battles he was involved and victorious and Muslims has known Imam Ali(A.S) other names Abu Turab (Father of Dust), Murtaḍā (One Who Is Chosen and Contented), Asad Allāh (Lion of God), Ḥaydar (Lion), and—specifically among the Shia Amir al-Muminin (Prince of the Faithful). and basic information about Imam Ali(A.S) Age at Martyrdom: 63 Period of Imamate, 29 years Buried: Najaf, Iraq.

The History And Biography  of  Hazrat Imam  Ali (A.S) | Knowledge Shout



Wives and Childs of Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S):

1st-Wife Bibi Syeda Fatima(S.A): 

She Was gave birth to Imam Hassan (A.S) on the date Is 15 of Ramadan, 3 A.H. and to Imam Hussain (A.S) on the fifth of Sha`ban, 4 A.H. History mentions about another son of Imam Ali(A.S), Mohsin, who dying in very early childhood. Some say that he dying before birth in an accident miscarriage According to Shia ulemas. This was a tragedy in the History of Islam that happened within about a year of the passing away of the Prophet (PBUH). She gave birth to two daughters. The elder daughter was Bibi Zaynab whose title was al-`Aqilah. The second daughter was Bibi Zaynab al-Sughra whose kunya was Ummu-Kalsoom. Zaynab al-Kubra was married to `Abdullah ibn Ja`far and Ummu-Kulthūm was married to Muhammad ibn Jafar.

2nd Wife Bibi Syeda Umamah(S.A): 

In deference to the will of Fatimah al-Zahra’, Imam Ali (A.S) married her. She was giving birth to Muhammad al-Awsat who was martyred in the war or Battleground of Karbala.

3rd-Wife Bibi Syeda Ummul-Banin(S.A): 

Amir al-Muminin (A.S) asked his brother `Aqil, who was an expert at Arab genealogy, to select a lady from any tribe that is known for its exceptional valor so that she giving birth to two sons. Hazrat Aqil suggested to him to marry Bibi Ummul-Banin al-Kalabiyyah whose tribe was famous in All Arabia for their exploits of chivalry and bravery and for Imam Ali (A.S) wedded her. She gave birth to four sons: Hazrat Abbas, Hazrat Abdullah, Hazrat Usman, and Hazrat Jafar. Hazrat Abbas was born in 26 A.H and In the Holy City of Madina. he was the eldest of among the four brothers. Then, Hazrat Abdullah, Hazrat Usman, and Hazrat Jafar were born in that order. All the four brothers fight with bravery and were martyred by the troops of Evil Yazid in the Battleground of Karbala.

4th-Wife Bibi Syeda Layla(S.A):

The Islamic Writer Ibn al-Athir writes in al-Kamil and Ibn Sa`d in al-tabaqat say that two sons were born to her. They were Abū-Bakr and `Abdullah. Some historians are of the opinion that both the names were of the same person. Shaikh Abbas Qummi writes in Muntaha al-Amal that she gave birth to Muhammad Asghar and Abu Bakr. Sayed Muhsin-al-Amin writes in A yan al-Shiah that apparently the two names were that of the same one person. Muhammad Asghar is the name and Abu Bakr is the kunya. Shaikh al-Mufid too considered Abu Bakr as his the kunya. He was to martyred in war or battleground of Karbala.
5th-Wife Bibi Syeda Asma(S.A):
According to Ibn al-Athir writes in al-Kamil that Muhammad al-Asghar was born to her. Ibn Saa`d written in al-tabaqat that she gave birth to Yahya and `Awn. Yahya dying while Imam Ali (A.S) was alive and was also on an Imam Hussian(A.S) side martyred in the battleground of Karbala.


6th-Wife Syeda Bibi Ummu-Habib al-Sahba(S.A): 

The one son, Hazrat `Umar al-Atraf, and one daughter Bibi Ruqayyah al-Kubra. They were both born as twins at the same time. Bibi Ruqayyah al-Kubra was married to Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqil Was nephew of Imam Ali(A.S).

7th-Wife Bibi Syeda Khawlah(S.A): 

She gave birth to Muhammad who was well-known with the title of Ibn al-Hanafiya. His kunya was Abul Qasim. He died in taaif  81 A.H.

8th Bibi Syeda Umm-Saaid(S.A): 

According to Ibn ShahrAshūb writes that she gave birth to Bibi Nafisah, Bibi Zaynab al-Sughra, and Ruqayyah al-Sughra. Sayed Muhsin al-Amin has written in his book that she gave birth to Umm al-Hasan and Ummu-Kulthum al-Sughra. Some Ulmas thinking and they write that Ummu-Kulthūm was Nafisah’s kunya.

9th-Wife Syeda Bibi Ummu-Shu`ayb al-Makhzumiyah(S.A):
According to Ibn ShahrAshub writes that Umm al Hasan and Ramlah, two daughters were born.

10th-Wife Syeda Bibi Mukhabbaah(S.A): 

She gave birth to one daughter who died in her childhood. Besides these wives, Amir al-Muminin had several slave girls whom he had and Imam Ali(A.S) married them. and Imam Ali(A.S) Had some daughters are some from the other wives of Imam Ali(A.S) and The daughters were born through these alliances were Ummu-Hani, Maymunah, Zaynab al-Sughra, Ramlah al-Sughra, Fatima Umamah, Khadija, Ummul-Kiram, Ummu-Salamah, Ummu-Jafar, Jumanah, and Nafisah. At the time of the martyrdom of Imam Ali (A.S), other wives of Imam Ali(A.S) were survived these are names of wives of Imam Ali(A.S) Bibi Umamah, Bibi Asma bint Umays, and Bibi Ummul-Banin besides the 18 slave girls. His progeny continued with Imam Hasan (A.S), Imam Hussain (A.S), Hazrat Muhammad Hanfiya, `Hazrat Abbas, and Umar al-Atraf. Some other ulama say that the total number of children of Imam Ali(A.S) he had was 25, some others say that it was 28 and others say they were 33 or 35 there so many different views of Islamic scholars The reason for this difference is perhaps some of them had counted the name and the kunya as separate persons. Someone has counted Hazrat Muhsin in the list of children of Imam Ali(A.S).

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How Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S) Important In Islam:

Imam Ali(A.S) Important for all Islamic World politically and spiritually The numerous biographical sources about Ali are often biased according to sectarian lines, but they agree that he was a pious Muslim, devoted to the cause of Islam and a just ruler in accordance with the Qur’an and the Sunnah.[2] While Sunnis consider Ali the fourth Rashideen Caliph, Shia Muslims regard Imam Ali(A.S) as the 1st Caliph and Imam after Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). Shia Muslims also believe that Imam Ali(A.S) and the other Shia Imams, all of whom are from the House of Holy Prophet Muhammad’s(PBUH), known as the Ahl al-Bayt, are the rightful successors to Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). 

Qualities of Hazrat  Imam Ali(A.S): 

Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S) was raised by the Holy Prophet(PBUH) himself and was truly the Holy Prophet’s(PBUH) shadow for most of his whole life. Even when the Holy Prophet(PBUH) went out to the desert or nearby mountains of Saudi Arabia the youngest Imam Ali(A.S) was his helper and also cousin and son-in-law. Imam Ali(A.S) recalled some of these moments later on in his life when he was said Every year he-the Holy Prophet(PBUH)-used to go in seclusion to the Cave Names Hira, where I saw him but no one else did. After the Holy Prophet(PBUH) received a revelation of Islam in the Cave of Hira the first man to outwardly accept the Holy Prophet’s(PBUH) message was Imam Ali(A.S). Indeed, Imam Ali(A.S) was among the very few who never believed in on false and worship idols – neither before nor after the advent of Islam. Holy Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) once said to his companions, The first among you to meet me at the pond (in paradise ) is the first among you to Accepting Islam – that is my cousin brother Ali(A.S). Upon the Muslim migration (Hijrah) to Holy Madina, the Holy Prophet(PBUH) paired each one of the Muslim migrants (muhajir) with a Muslim brother from the people of Madina (Ansar). Once everyone had been paired, Imam Ali(A.S) came up to the Holy Prophet(PBUH) with teary eyes saying, You have not paired me with a brother then Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) then replied to Imam Ali(A.S) You are my brother in this world and the also In the (Heaven).

Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S) Famous Quotes:

These are the famous Quotes of Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S) and it depends on us to take a lesson from these quotes of Imam Ali(A.S) in our daily life.
1- Imam Ali(A.S) said then our followers are like bees that live among just like birds and none of those birds realized the bees reason of there small in size and weakness they would not treat like them this way if they knowing that these tiny bees can carry honey which is very important of there stomachs.

2- Imam Ali(A.S) said about the true friendship the true never allow you to did the wrong thing in your life but some other friend like but there black heart and they let you to did the wrong things and becomes evil person like they genuinely are(wicked person).

3- Imam Ali(A.S) said about the true friend just like a diamond and brother just like gold if gold breaks you can malt it and make batter but a true friend like a diamond if a diamond breaks you can not able to make.

Reason For Hazrat Imam Ali(A.S) Martyrdom: 

A group of people named as the Khawarij was separated from Imam Ali (A.S) armed force in the war of Siffin. They took the oath to Kill Imam Ali (A.S) due to the war and conflicts. While the kill one with the help of Vardan with a few men, and a condition of getting married to Quttam, was able to succeed in killing Imam Ali(A.S) “Lion of God”. I remember an incident where a companion had a talk on how to kill Imam Ali(A.S). He said about Imam Ali( A.S) impossible to defeat or Kill him on the war or battleground. The only way to kill Imam Ali(A.S) is while he is praying. That the only moment where he isn’t aware of his surroundings.

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