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We started our blog journey on (1st March 2020) for helping newbie bloggers and SEO aspirants but with the passage of time we have decided to provide you an additional information of Laptops buying & laptops review guides

This blog was created initially to provide you with SEO & Blogging tips, but after the passage of time we have added a laptop section because we own a laptop and electronic business since a decade ago. 

Thus, we decided to share this information with our visitors so knowledgeshout became one of the best tech blogs throughout the internet that provide well-researched information. 

Our goal is to share with you the best products in the industry. Beginning with choosing the right Laptop for you and your needs, along with your budget, to learning how to use it. We are here to provide you with reliable information that is both useful and practical.

Motive Behind Our Blog?

We share our best strategies and techniques with our readers, which works for Blogging, SEO, Affiliate marketing, digital marketing and some do and don’ts of blogging.

We also provide our users with well-researched content to provide the best product buying guide.

Our main motive is to provide our users with authentic and accurate information 

it is a place for the aspirants who want to learn how to live in this digital era, This blog is for those persons who want to work with the motive of “be your own boss” 

Our Blog contains millions of worth blogging, SEO, and digital marketing , Laptop buying & Laptops reviews content. 

Our motive is to help those aspirants who want to earn their first dollar $ from blogging.  Our motive is to help newbies and serve our readers with brilliant content

Do you know the most interesting thing about the blogging field, blogging has become a very fastest-growing popular Online source of income today!

So, if you are a beginner and wanted to learn about these things and willing to make a career in  blogging field, want to see your bank account pumping up so , follow knowledge shout and be a part of or growing community

Men 👬 Behind KnowledgeShout 🚀​

ali raza

Ali Raza

Myself Ali Raza Bozdar Co-Founder, of Knowledge Shout Blog!  Social media influencer, Digital Marketing Expert.

My Motive is To Serve My Friends And Guide The Right Path To Get Success In Digital World


Abdul Rafay

Hey, I Am a Blog Scientist Abdul Rafay Qazi A Full Time Blogger & SEO Expert. Having extensive knowledge of blogging, affiliate marketing, WordPress, and SEO. In addition, I have been working on the local laptop market for 5 years, so today I'm here to provide you with a laptops & electronics buying guide My goal is to encourage new bloggers aspirants and help them earn their first dollar online

In short, We Love blogging, it’s our hobby to help other in order to select their product in a more accurate way.

however if you want connect with us via different media then, you can take follow us on Twitter And LinkedIn

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